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Laying A Solid Foundation to Build Your Year On

Written by The Professor

This month’s Real Geeks Coaching presentation, “Laying A Solid Foundation to Build Your Year On” by Dirk Zeller of Real Estate Champions focused on concrete ways that agents and teams can focus, re-energize, and motivate themselves and their leads to take action and increase wealth. Sharing the importance of a business plan, persuasive messaging, personal motivation, success indicators, and more, this episode inspires.

Tune In to Your Business Plan
At the start of the year, most of us are evaluating where we’re at and setting goals for the new year. Some of us review, revise, or create new business plans. It can be an inspiring time. However many of us then put away the document to get about the business of our year.

Dirk Zeller cautions against this in his latest coaching video, reminding that “a business plan is a living breathing document,” that can be modified as needed. “Review your business plan EVERY SINGLE WEEK,” Zeller said, “not just to kick off your year.”

Zeller also advised that agents set tangible goals that relate directly to them, asking, “What speaks to you more? Unit volume, sales volume, GCI (gross commissions income)?”

Talk to and Advise Clients
Zeller explained that now is the time to act and provide clients “fundamental reasons” to do business NOW vs. in the future. “The most important 60 days of your business is the 60-day window we're in right here, right now,” he stressed.

To do this, it’s important to have market stats and persuasive data. Using the example that NAR (National Association of Realtors®) reports that inventory is roughly half (52%) of what it was at this time last year. Sharing this statistic with potential sellers provides motivation for them to list their home.

Understanding the percentage of appreciation in your marketplace last year is another idea. Most sellers react favorably when they see the potential in their home sale. Discussing profit, Zeller explained how he might share this with a potential seller. “The national number [for home value in 2020] was 14% appreciation... and 2021 maybe half that, so if the bulk of that, 7%, happens between March-November.” Zeller said to ask your clients, “Do you want it in your pocket?”

Framing statistics favorably, building urgency, engaging, and committing clients in the next sixty days ensures production throughout the rest of the year. Zeller encouraged each of us to ask, “What is a non-negotiable in the next 60 days, that you have to do no matter what?”

Motivate Yourself to Success and Look Forward
“Success is not contained in doing 1 zillion things well,” Zeller reminded. “It’s contained in doing a handful of things well.” Prioritization and execution deliver results. Zeller reminded all of us of the need to look forward, especially now as the economy and the world changes rapidly. Apply the Pareto Principle 2:49 Need his quote here 20% generates 80%, etc.

Zeller encouraged everyone to “Eat, live, and breath the 80/20 rule for the next 60 days,” explaining that the real estate industry is an odds game and that the odds are changing. Recognizing the odds of the game and how can agents can and need to make adjustments is critical to success. “Sales ratios have changed,” he said. “We've got to adapt to the new sales ratios.”

He encouraged listeners to read the book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, and then adjust, adapt, and accept the changes of today's marketplace. “The longer it takes you to get to the ratio recalibration, the longer it will get to the production you want,” Zeller cautioned. As agents adjust their mindset, he also encouraged them to focus more on direct income-producing activities instead of production supporting activities.

Change Your Behavior and Mindset
When focusing on income-producing activities, Zeller pointed out that agents needed to ask themselves, “What is the monetary value of an appointment?” He explained that many agents put off activities because the reward is not immediate and asked, “If you got $2000 in cash for the aspect of booking an appointment, would that change your daily behavior?”

Knowing that in many cases it would, Zeller focused on the need to recognize the value of the appointment, noting that instant cash shouldn't change your behavior. “You should treat it with the same intensity even if the payment is delayed,” he said, challenging each agent to make the commitment to do a call night once a week. “You've got to move the odds strategically in your favor,” Zeller encouraged.

Introducing the four probabilities of success as knowledge, skill, attitude, activities, Zeller shared that high producers have a good enough attitude to DO a whole lot more and that he feels that activities, not attitude has more influence on future success. In his personal life, Zeller has seen that activity influences attitude in high performers more than attitude influences activity. Due to that, he suggests that agents focus on the activities to change their lives, dollars, and everything else. “Get out ahead of goal,” he advised, “instead of playing catch-up for a good portion of the year.”

10 Things To Do To Get Your Leads To Re-Engage

Written by The Professor

This week’s Facebook LIVE Coaching session with Greg Harrelson and Abe Safa of C21 The Harrelson Group helps you see possibilities.

Below you’ll find a detailed guide on how you can create and replicate systems that best utilize Real Geeks tools and help you re-engage clients and generate business and more leads.

10 Ways To Re-Engage Leads in 2021

1. Aggressive Follow-Up
 – Abe Safa regularly sets and exceeds personal goals with what he calls “really, really aggressive follow-up.” Safa explained how he does this. “I’m calling them when I say I’m going to call them,” he said, “and continuing on from the conversation from when we talked before.” Though Safa regularly does lead generation, this month [January], he focused on people in his database that he’s spoken with over the last few months and years.

2. Use Technology to Assist (Saved Searches, HomeBot, Email Drips, etc.) – Talking about the people he’s talked with in January, Safa explained that his ability to re-engage comes from established client history. “A lot of it is based on months and years of being in communication with them,” Safa said. Greg Harrelson agreed, ”Real Geeks is a technology that helps you identify opportunities.” Harrelson explained that because the client is already in the automation system, the drip system sends them information on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, so that agents can see which properties are being looked at in the live feed, in real-time. Then, he shared, the key is to follow up, especially on the information seen in the saved searches. “You can see them looking at that information. If they are, you call them,” Harrelson explained. “If you see them looking at it over and over again, you definitely call them,” 

3. Add Value – If the client is seeking equity values or searching for homes in a specific price range, use that information to speak directly to the client’s needs to engage them in conversation.

4. Text – Email – Text – Harrelson suggested using workflows or doing the steps manually, if needed,d to re-engage clients. “Take 30 buyers you haven’t spoken to in 60 days and send them a text,” he said. Once you’ve sent all three of those, Harrelson predicts you’ll have 50% engagement, with differing responses.

5. Pay Attention and Engage – Safa suggested specific methods for re-engagement, that are unique and similar to what the client has already liked. For instance, “Send a picture of a property that’s similar to one they favorited and ask them, ‘What do you think of the kitchen?’ with a link to the property,” Harrelson suggested. Spending time to find clients who are truly engaged produces results. He said not to ask, “Have you bought or sold yet?” or any other type of yes or no question, as that will not result in engagement.

6. Find the Magic – Talking about a recent email campaign that worked, Harrelson said, “The magic is not in the message. The magic is in the activity. If you can blend a great message that works with high activity, then you are going to really do well.” 

7. Plant a Seed – Lead with market data in conversion, looking at pending and sold properties. Share how many condos have sold in the last 30 days in comparison to previous activity with clients who may want to sell their condo. Then re-engage every day like clockwork. “If that’s done consistently,” Safa said, “You’ll always have a pipeline of business.” Continually be incubating your clients so that they will always consider you to be their agent.

8. Engage Yourself – “The biggest thing is for YOU yourself to be engaged. Call everybody and use workflows for everyone you can’t reach by phone,” stressed Safa. The important thing is to start with calls. “The more conversations you have about real estate with people,” Safa said, “the more business you’re going to do.” If you’re just starting out, calling is the most effective and economical way to generate leads. “If you don’t have a lot of leads, then your next lead IS high quality,” Harrelson said. “The highest quality lead is the one that’s better than the ones you already have.”

9. Go Back To What’s Been Working – “Do it the most effective way, not the sexiest,” Harrelson shared, saying that the things that give the next big return usually don’t take a lot of time. “Stop trying to create the next best thing,” he continued. Safa agreed, saying that he goes back to calls when he finds himself thinking about new options because “it’s easy to think there’s got to be a better way,” but the reality is that calls are what work. 

10. Activate Workflows – Safa and Harrelson agreed that workflows, for both buyers and sellers, were key. “A workflow is a tool for reengagement,” Harrelson explained, saying that after that agents must be ready to respond. “Take the size of your database and figure out how to divide it into highest quality leads and not highest quality leads,” Harrelson said. “Then find the bottom half of your database and activate some workflow.” Then, respond as your clients respond, and your list will be engaged. 

How Cindy Doubled Her Business in 6 Months During Covid with a Single Strategy

Written by The Professor

It’s a new year, and Cindy has cracked the code on how to maximize her business opportunities! Through great marketing and lead gen strategies, she has created a successful model where multiple businesses feed one another. From property management to vacation rentals to home sales - learn how she has utilized creative property marketing and open house strategies to dramatically grow her business.

Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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We want to thank Todd Tramonte and Dr. Cynthia Tant for sharing their knowledge with us and the real estate community! It’s important for us now more than ever to band together and support one another through these uncertain times.

... Read More!

How to Set An Appointment On The First Call

Written by Greg

It is critical that you feel comfortable and confident having that first conversation with an inbound buyer lead. More and more buyers are requesting video tours instead of face to face meetings and agents will have to learn how to adapt. And, if setting a face-to-face appointment is not preferred then at a minimum do a video chat. Getting face to face is important even if it has to be on video.

We can increase our conversion from leads captured to contracts closed by increasing the appointments set to leads captured ratio.

If you would like to get better at Scripts and Handling Objections then you should check out our coaching on Real Geeks Mastery Program.

It starts with the greeting:
‘Hello _______, this is ________ with _______. I am a local agent in the ________ area. I received an alert that you have an interest in a property for sale… I believe the property is at ________. Are you interest in taking a look at that property?”

Set The Appointment Early:
The first agent to meet face to face with the lead is likely to win the business. These days, most buyers are looking to few the property since they have already seen the pictures and searched the area. Do not get off the phone without setting the appointment.

Simply ask…. “I can get you all the information you will need on this home, when are you available to take a look at it?”

In the event they ask for a video tour, ask them… “I can do that, when would you be able to do a Facetime call with me at the property?”

Upsell Additional Properties:
We know that buyers are going to look at more than one property. So, go ahead and work on setting additional showings so you can deepen your relationship and demonstrate your value.

Approach it like this… “I think there is another property that you may want to see, I will go ahead and set that up also, will that work for you?”

Understand Their Motivation:
Asking the buyer lead questions that go beyond the property is important. The more you ask, the more they feel like you care and they then become comfortable working with you.

Discovery Question… “Just curious, what are you looking to accomplish by buying a new home?”

Ending The Call With Intention:
It is important that you end the call with all parties on the same page.

Great ending… “I look forward to meeting you at the property at ______ pm on Monday. I will have additional information for the 2nd property when we meet. Of course, give me a call or a text with any additional address you want to see. I look forward to seeing you at ______.”

Real Geeks Contributor: Greg Harrelson  - Real Estate Sales Solutions

The Most Productive Way to Follow-up with Online Leads

Written by The Professor

For those that know Real Geeks, you know that our websites attract a lot of leads. Real Geeks websites are great for PPC lead generation as well as organic lead generation assuming you invest a little time with SEO.

No matter how you generate your online real estate leads, there is a process for working those leads and moving them through the sales funnel.

Here are some proven workflows that Greg Harrelson has shared with us. Below, we break down a few common online lead sources that most agents work with. You will see a common pattern in the way these leads are worked. Following this process, every time will prove to be productive.

New online Buyer Lead without an email

Do not be discouraged that they didn’t give you an email, do the following…

1. Reverse lookup and find their email address by using
2. Once you have the email address…email them
3. Simultaneously Call them
4. If they do not answer, enable a short term workflow that includes 5 attempts in the next 48 hours.

New online Buyer Lead - no number
1. Reverse lookup and find their telephone number by using
2. Once you have the phone number…
3. Call them
4. Call them again within 1 minute
5. If they do not answer, enable a short term workflow that includes 5 attempts in the next 48 hours.

Old online Buyer Leads in the system with no number or no email
You should generate a list of all old online leads that you have in your database that are missing a phone number or an email address. Do the following with this list…

1.  Reverse lookup and find their telephone number by using
2. Call the lead immediately
3. Call the lead a second time within one minute
4. Kick off a Re-engagement Workflow

Online Seller leads (What Is My Home Worth?)
It is likely you generate seller leads by using a ‘What’s My Home Worth?’ widget on your website, Facebook Marketing or from email drips. In any of those cases, do the following…

1. Reverse lookup and find missing data by using
2. Call the lead immediately
3. Call the lead a second time within one minute
4. Enable an online seller lead workflow
5. Set the lead up to receive a Market Activity Report
6. Set the lead up to receive a Community Sold Report bi-weekly

Past Clients
1. Set the lead up to receive a Market Activity Report 
2. Set the lead up to receive a Community Sold Report bi-weekly
3. Call them quarterly
4. Enable Workflow - Monthly text / Monthly email

When you look carefully, you will see a pattern:
1. Always look up missing data
2. Always call these online leads
3. Call them twice in a row
4. Enable a workflow
5. Set up on Market Reports and Sold Reports when appropriate

It is important that you set up the simple systems that Real Geeks has built into the websites. The above are best practices from agents that are closing hundreds of online lead transactions annually.

If you want to learn more about how to reach the Real Geeks Mastery Level then you should look at the Real Geeks Mastery Program created by Greg Harrelson.

We look forward to growing with you!

Keeping it Real - Masterminding for Anyone in Real Estate

Written by The Professor

"They don't care what you know until they know you care" -Al Lewis

At Real Geeks, we believe that your success is more than just having the right tools, it is also about the people you have in your corner. That is why we created Keeping it Real, A monthly masterminding session where industry leaders share how they got to the top of their game. These monthly sessions are available to all agents.

Here's a look back at some of our favorite moments over the years... 
Keeping It Real is presented by Real Geeks and interviews are hosted live on our YouTube channel monthly. 

Watch all past episodes of Keeping it Real and opt-in to get invited to upcoming episodes here:

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Enter the New Year with a Listing Inventory

Written by The Professor

“It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate if you don’t know what to do with them -Lisa Chinatti”

Keep your foot on the gas pedal, the year isn’t over yet! In this episode, “Enter the New Year with a Listing Inventory” these leaders in the field of real estate, share the strategies they’re implementing to finish the year off strong and enter 2021 with a full listing pipeline!

Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Some of the things we cover include: 

- Working your database to generate more listings?
- Why you should use a multi-channel marketing approach?
- How to have the right conversations with your prospects?
- Speed to lead - the art of following up fast to win more business?

We want to thank Lisa Chinatti, Greg Harrelson, Kevin Mills, and Jeff Quintin for sharing their knowledge with us and the real estate community! It’s important for us now more than ever to band together and support one another through these uncertain times.

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Mastering the Art of Prospecting - Live Role Play with Bill Jenkins

Written by The Professor

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been full of ups and downs for all of us. As the year comes to a close, this is the time to reconnect with your clients and follow up with them on their real estate investments. There’s gold in your database, you’ve got potential sellers to nurture so that you can list more homes.  

Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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So brush up on your follow-up skills and tune in to this episode. Bill is a master of communication and continues to keep up with market changes, technology, and smart communications to provide his clients with the knowledge they need

We want to thank Bill and Jason for sharing their knowledge with us and the real estate community! It’s important for us now more than ever to band together and support one another through these uncertain times.

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Generate Quality Seller Leads via Facebook

Written by The Professor

Facebook is a powerful platform to generate business, from creating new relationships to building brand awareness with your existing database, the list of benefits are amazing. 

For starters, your clients are spending MOST of their time on Facebook browsing and making connections - interactions you make with your database can easily become exponential. For example, if you share a listing to your business page or profile page, a client may not only express interest in the post but also tag a friend or family member to view it, too.  

Tune into this exclusive coaching video and watch as Greg Harrelson shares how to grow your business the right way by leveraging Facebook to generate quality seller leads!  


Engagement, Engagement, Did I say Engagement?!

Written by The Professor


Consumer engagement is the emotional connection between you and your clients - highly engaged clients are more likely to list and sell with you, promote your brand and services, and become loyal customers that will hopefully translate into a lifetime of REPEAT business. 

Live chat is a great way to meet your leads where they're most active - live, online, browsing properties, and market info ON YOUR PERSONAL IDX WEBSITE.

With our tool, you can now chat in real-time with your leads as they are looking at properties, thus leading to better communication. The tool will also inform you when a client is actively on your website, so feel free to send some properties that might be of interest to that lead based on their search.

Providing a high-quality experience should be built into your engagement strategy and it starts with getting in front of your leads at the right place, at the right time - so leverage our tools today to start making connections when and where your clients are engaged the most!