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It can be tough to reach out to every lead immediately; with 'Speed to Lead' being the name of the game, you can't risk missing out on an opportunity.

Have confidence that leads are contacted immediately with the Geek AI Assistant! Strengthen your follow-up, and enjoy the peace of mind that no leads fall through the cracks.

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Tailored Options for Any Sized Business

Powered with AI
Automated Marketing
Grow your influence with automated marketing to help you attract, engage, and convert potential buyers in your market.
$599 / month
+ one time sign-up fee
Boost Your Influence
Lead Guarantee
Expand your reach with multichannel campaigns and help from dedicated marketing specialists and coaches.
$999 / month
+ one time sign-up fee
Expand Your Reach
Lead Guarantee
Conquer your local market with a comprehensive online marketing and retargeting strategy for your growing team.
$1599 / month
+ one time sign-up fee
Conquer Your Market
How does Geek AI work?

Here’s how it works

Respond to Leads 24/7

Geek AI automatically disables all text messages sent from the Drip and CRM systems to prevent conflicting automated commutation. Emails and follow-up steps in Drip workflows are sent as expected.

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Buyer and Seller Specific Scripts

While your AI Assistant is communicating with your leads, Geek AI will inform you on the best time for you to jump in and take over. Our scripts are based on our extensive research on getting the conversation started and setting appointments.

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Geek AI & Managed Marketing – The Perfect Pairing

Geek AI is a great option for agents utilizing any of Real Geeks' in-house marketing options. Especially for agents or small teams looking for a solution to keep up with and streamline lead flow and/or lead nurture processes.

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How will I know if the assistant needs to hand off a conversation to the assigned agent?

You will receive an email & text notification informing you that the assistant needs to handoff a conversation

How can I know if a message was sent by the assistant or assigned agent?

All messages sent by the assistant have an "(Assistant)" label in the conversation window and will be marked as sent by the assistant in the lead's activity history

How can I see the information that is gathered by the assistant?

Notes will be added to the lead's activity history


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Add Geek AI to your Real Geeks platform for $100/month* and save time qualifying leads. Get peace of mind and set more appointments knowing every lead will receive a quick response no matter the time or day!

*For Establish and Grow clients, GeekAI is available as an add-on feature for $100/month. GeekAI is included at no additional charge for Expand And Conquer clients. Explore Real Geeks Pricing →

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