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Boost website conversion rates, drive new listings, and create endless opportunities for success with EstateIQ—Real Geeks' new property valuation and lead conversion tool, designed to meet the evolving needs of real estate professionals like you.

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More than a Property Valuation Tool

EstateIQ is a Game-Changer

What is EstateIQ? With its modern design and seamless user experience, EstateIQ is your ticket to increased engagement, conversions, and satisfactionboth for you, and your clients.

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Turning Buyers into Sellers

Say goodbye to passive website visitors, and hello to all-around increased consumer engagement. With EstateIQ’s modern design and intuitive interface you'll capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers alikeenticing them to explore your website further, while encouraging direct communication.

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Enhancing Visitor Conversion

Turn casual browsers into valuable seller leads. In accordance with NAR's emphasis on proactive lead generation, EstateIQ excels at converting website visitors into qualified seller leads. Its compelling design and strategic calls-to-action drive engagement, enabling you to expand your client base like never before.

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Improving Pre-Qualification

When a potential seller interacts with EstateIQ, you’ll automatically collect their property details, level of interest in listing, potential listing commission, and moreso you can spend less time qualifying leads and more time closing deals.

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Automating Lead Nurture

Keep clients loyal long after the deal is closed. EstateIQ helps foster lasting relationships by automating long-term nurture campaignsensuring consistent engagement with potential seller leads and clients post-close.

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Providing Value for Sellers

Enhance the property valuation experience on your website by offering more than just a simple estimate. With EstateIQ, users can make fully-informed real estate decisions and navigate the real estate market with the confidence of knowing there's an expert by their side.

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