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How it works:

Real Geeks is a hub and platform for you to stay connected and provide value to leads & clients. Stay organized and hack your daily productivity with customizable drip campaigns, landing page workflows, text solutions, etc.

Sync your contacts, organize and segment your database, and create custom drip campaigns for your desired strategy.

Create custom drip campaigns for each lead source, by market, and other desired variables. Automated drip campaigns do the heavy lifting for you.

Clients see higher engagement by sending targeted drip campaigns segmented by the audience.

Get granular with your audience, work smarter, save time, & close more deals!

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What Our Clients Love About Real Geeks

We sat down with Rachelle Willhite of Best Choice Realty to learn how she maximizes the Real Geeks platform and her experiences with closing deals in the Pacific Northwest.

We switched over to Jeff’s lead generating system at RealGeeks for our two websites in August of 2010.  Since then I have been extremely impressed by the immediate jump in leads plus the number of emails we receive requesting more information or direct contact.  For both of our sites, Greenville SC Real Estate and Greenville SC Home Sales, sign-ups have increased by a factor of 10 times over our previous IDX website solution. Our old site was highly ranked with a lot of SEO and it did well.  However, Jeff’s system is clearly superior.  The back-end system of lead follow-up is well organized and user-friendly.  Agent assignment is flexible, reminders are easy to set up, and agents can easily see how the prospect is searching.  The administrator also has enough tools to keep track of leads and follow up as needed.  I recommend this system to any broker/agent who is looking to increase internet leads.

Lee Cunningham
RE/MAX Realty Professionals / Greenville, SC

After spending two years in the internet marketing world focused on real estate I consistently heard from others that Real Geeks was the best. After careful research into Real Geeks I decided they would be the perfect fit for my newly established real estate company.

I signed up for Real Geeks in December of 2015, and it is an integral part of our business. In the first 9 months of the year, my team and I have already sold 89 units, 41 of which are from our Real Geeks website, for a total of $268,471 gross income from the website alone. We have only spent $25,000 of that on the website and marketing. That’s an almost 11 to 1 return on investment.

Sims Real Estate Group
eXp Realty

I had given up on the hype of websites and how they could benefit business because I was tired of promises that were never delivered. I had an 8-year-old website that produced a traffic count of about 60 visitors per day. The visitors would click on my site, browse a few minutes and then disappear.

My experience with Jeff and the Real Geek team has been wonderful. I now have over 1300 people visiting my site everyday, and not only are they conducting searches but they are registering for my site, providing all contact information and calling me to ask questions about particular properties. This is the first time that I have been able to track a profit as the result of my site.

Greg Harrelson
Century C21 The Harrelson Group

"We went from 90 leads/month to 1000 leads/month when we switched to RealGeeks.

We chose RealGeeks because of its unique combination of aggressive lead capture, team-based back end for lead distribution, and fast, secure, SEO-friendly front end. Our teams work in a wide area covering multiple counties and our ability to assign leads directly to agents based on location saves us time and money. Our individual property listings are now indexing in the search engines. The support is very friendly and personable--not just a big organization with an outsourced staff. The ability to see what a home buyer is searching for, including individual properties and searches, allows us to customize our responses and help them find a home faster. Of course, the number one benefit is that we're now generating around 1,000 leads/month through,, and"

Sam DeBord
Coldwell Banker Seattle Danforth & Associates

Coming on board with Real Geeks has been the biggest growth step of my real estate practice. When I moved my website over from a competitor’s platform, I was a solo agent spinning my wheels trying to generate online traffic and leads. Since going with RG I have built a team consisting of two other buyer agents and currently onboarding a third with no signs of slowing down. The leads brought in via my Real Geeks site keeps their pipeline full!

Joseph K. Keresztury
Texas Premier Realty

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