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Real Geeks Review: Greg Harrelson of the Harrelson Group

We sat down with Greg Harrelson, head of the Harrelson Group and coach at Real Geeks to learn how he utilizes the platform to close deals throughout Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Greg Harrelson of the Harrelson Group


The Evolution of Myrtle Beach

As a Myrtle Beach native, Greg's seen the city completely transform over the years.

In the beginning, Myrtle Beach was the quintessential seasonal market, where people owned vacation homes to get close to the beach, the golf courses, and the holiday malls, and then flocked back to their main homes during the winter months.

It was at this time that the Harrelson group was founded, with just Greg's dad as the main agent, his mom as an assistant, and himself as a part-time prospector.

Over the years, though, as the city expanded, so did our collective life expectancy.

The golf courses, the shopping centers, and the huge entertainment scene was no longer just for families on vacation. The big demographic of Myrtle Beach became the retirees. 

For the Harrelsons, what started as a small family-operated business also grew into a huge, multi-market group.

And at the start of this expansion, was Real Geeks.

First Generation Real Geeks User

As soon as it seemed like things were getting serious for the Harrelsons in the early 2000s, Greg knew he needed a tech partner.

Someone mentioned how great the SEO was with this new tool called Real Geeks, and he wasted no time.

In fact, Harrelson's website was one of the first 20 websites ever built on the Real Geeks system. 

And the SEO claim proved to be true. Greg ended up creating an extremely robust site with thousands of organic traffic coming to it every single month.

Greg found himself doing 200, 300, 500 transactions every year, with most of his leads coming from SEO. 

As business grew, he expanded over several different markets.

What are Greg's numbers now?

14 Real Geeks websites (one for every market). 

315 real estate agents.

400,000 people in his database. 

4,000 transactions a year. 

Integrating the System - 2:07

Because Real Geeks is so integrated into Greg's operations, a big part of his onboarding for new agents – no matter their skill level or years of experience – is training them on how to use the system.

This is crucial, because Real Geeks operates in some of the core activities of Greg's business:

  1. Lead Capture: new agents need to understand how the website is capturing these leads, and what they need to do once they arrive on the site

  2. Lead Identification: once the leads have been in the CRM for one or two months, agents need technology to understand who they should prioritize, and who can be contacted through automation

"Real Geeks helps us understand who we need to spend more time with, and who we need to spend less time with," says Greg, "There's nobody we should spend no time with, but the system helps us identify where the low hanging fruit is."

Greg's Favorite Real Geeks Features

To this day, Greg is a master of SEO.

Just going through his Myrtle Beach site, he's written over 500 pages for the different neighborhoods and residential communities.

This is a key component of his business: having lots of valuable content that ranks high organically, so that he can become the trusted authority in a given market.

Real Geeks makes this process of developing new pages extremely easy through its intuitive templates, and has  robust Search Engine Optimization capabilities.

Another favorite feature of Greg's is Advanced Search Filters, which allow him to easily categorize his pool of leads, and know when to take action and which actions to take, depending on where they are on the Buyer's Journey.

And of course, Automations. While Greg's a huge proponent of calling leads as much as possible, he supplements his outreach with automations so that he can trigger certain activities, like his leads checking out a new Market Activity Report. 

These are just some of the reasons why Greg recommends the Real Geeks platform to anyone who needs a consistent source of leads for their real estate practice.

Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective lead generation and conversion solution for cultivating, capturing, and managing leads at any stage of the home buying or selling process.


Drive traffic, capture leads, nurture opportunities, and close more transactions with a robust CRM, fully integrated custom IDX website, and marketing solutions for agents and teams of any size.


Real Geeks is one of the best lead generation and management platforms available, but don't just take our word for it – hear from customers loving their experience with Real Geeks →


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