Real Geeks Reviews: Al Lewis of Cape Homes Team RE/MAX, Cape Coral, Florida.

We sat down with Al Lewis of Cape Homes Team RE/MAX, Cape Coral, Florida, to learn how he has utilized the Real Geeks platform to earn over $3,000,000 in commissions since 2018.

Real Geeks Reviews: Al Lewis of Cape Homes Team RE/MAX, Cape Coral, Florida

Real estate agents often find it challenging to generate leads, especially if they are new to the area or starting over from scratch. With the advent of technology, various platforms and systems have emerged to aid in lead generation, but not all of them are effective. Al Lewis, an experienced agent from Cape Coral, Florida, shares his success Real Geeks review, especially in using a platform he used to generate leads and close transactions.

From Zero to Over $3 Million in Commissions

Al Lewis retired from Chicago and moved to Florida without any connections or network. He needed a reliable platform to generate leads, and after doing his research, he found Real Geeks. He started with Real Geeks four years ago and ran his first ad on December 18, 2018. Since then, he has made over three million dollars in commissions from the platform.

At first, Al Lewis started with just himself and his telephone. However, he gradually evolved his system and developed a team of six agents, including four brand new agents. In the last 30 days, those agents closed 10 transactions from Real Geeks.

The Importance of Using Systems in Real Estate

According to Al Lewis, using systems in real estate is crucial to success, and Real Geeks provides a built-in system that he and his team use. They use the workflows, automation, autoresponders, and auto chat feature to stay in touch with leads and follow up with them regularly.

Internet leads are abundant and come in different price ranges, but they are generally the same. Most of them are just looking, hence, it's essential to have a system to stay in touch with them and build your database.

The Power of Real Geeks' Automation and Auto Chat Feature

Real Geeks' automation and auto chat feature make it easier for agents to manage their leads and stay in touch with them. They can automatically send texts, emails, and chat messages when someone signs up, making it easier to make contact and follow up with leads.

The auto chat feature is especially useful, as Al Lewis's team makes contact with 10 to 15 percent of their leads through it. As the number of leads grows, the system's conversion rate increases exponentially, leading to more closed transactions and commissions. Real Geeks' versatility is one of its best features. Agents can use it anywhere in the country and set up their website and lead management system.

Real Geeks' ROI

Al Lewis looks for a ten-to-one return in his investments, and Real Geeks' ROI exceeded his expectations. For every dollar he spends on Real Geeks, including his website, lead management, and ad spend, he gets thirty dollars back. In his 37-year career in real estate, he has never gotten such a high return from any platform.

Real Geeks' built-in systems, automation, and auto chat feature provide a reliable platform for agents to generate leads and close transactions. Al Lewis's success story is proof that Real Geeks is a powerful tool in real estate lead generation, regardless of an agent's location or experience level.



Published on November 9, 2023.

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