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Explore essential insights and updates with Real Geeks' comprehensive guide to NAR's proposed settlement.

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Our Message to Agents

The real estate industry is evolving, with these changes come new opportunities. As we navigate the NAR settlement, we wanted to share some videos from our thought leaders, insightful articles, and answers to questions we're receiving.

While change is difficult, we view this settlement as an opportunity for agents to stand out and bring clarity to consumers, ultimately lifting the reputation of the Real Estate industry over time. We believe in this industry's resilience.

We are impressed and inspired by you, our clients, who continue to rise to the occasion and dominate your markets.

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How We're Supporting You

Real Geeks will continue to continuously innovate our products to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, protect your interests, and meet the requirements of the industry. 

Our latest supporting product update has been EstateIQ, our enhanced home valuation tool, designed to turn leads into listings. EstateIQ is available now for new customers, coming very soon for existing customers.

We have several additional ideas in development as well. As soon as they're ready to share, we'll list them here. To stay on top of new releases, be sure to subscribe to our email newsetter.

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NAR Settlement Resources

View, download, and share these easy-to-understand documents, to inform and educate consumers and other industry professionals
  • View Bright MLS One-Pager

    Fact or Fiction?

    Dispel myths about commissions and the MLS with this document you can share with your clients

  • View NAR Settlement Timeline

    Estimated Timeline & Milestones

    Get the details on key upcoming milestones with this settlement timeline graphic provided by NAR

Hear From Industry Leaders

Expert Insights & Perspectives

"If you look at some of the biggest producers in America – whether they're leaders of large teams or companies, or whether they're huge producers... notice that none of us are actually speaking doom and gloom on this situation."

Greg Harrelson of C21 The Harrelson Group discusses what's changed & what agents need to do moving forward

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"We get one chance to do this well, we get one chance to do this right, we get one chance to serve the world. Let's do it in a thoughtful way."

Real President, Sharran Srivatsaa, breaks down the NAR Settlement & buyer agency agreements

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NAR Settlement FAQs

Answers to common questions about Real Geeks and NAR's proposed settlement.


Looking for more answers?
Visit NAR's website for additional and downloadable FAQs (también disponible en español)  More NAR FAQ resources →

We are looking at several options. However, we need to prioritize helping our clients stay in compliance. So we are working with the MLSs to make sure we have a solution that is both high performing and compliant.

Firstly, the NAR settlement does nothing to dampen consumer demand for housing. There are still many people that will need to transact. We know from our data, those leads usually manifest as buyers first, however they also need to sell as they transact. We encourage our customers to focus on the fundamentals, make sure your home valuation page looks great, your automation is on point and your leads are flowing. Real Geeks has the technology you need to make that happen, and the community to support you in this process.

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