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Maximizing Production by Setting the Right Priorities

Written by The Professor

Are you setting the right priorities to maximize your production?  

When you have activities prioritized correctly, you will be amazed by how much you can create. Simply stick to your routine and you will always have a full pipeline!

Sharing from their own experience, Greg and Abe will teach you how to maximize your production by staying organized. There is no RIGHT way, there is YOUR way - when you do the things you need to do consistently, then you will see an increase in business.

Here are some of the things he covers: 
- Defining income-generating vs. income-servicing roles
- How to execute your routine
- How to generate business for yourself without relying on others to do it for you
- Avoiding prospecting = avoiding generating income

Successful Time and Productivity Strategies for our COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Written by The Professor

As we get farther into our stay at home orders, as the weeks have ticked by with doing business, staying our social distance, learning new skills, and checking on our past clients and sphere, and if your house is like mine, being thrust into a quasi-home school environment with your kids, balancing all that with your time is really a juggling act.

This health and economic event we are going through is exposing the fissures, cracks, and poor habits of our time management strategies, systems, and skills. If reworked and solved, you will have one of the greatest leaps of personal productivity in your life.

There is no better time than right now to focus on improving your time management and activity management skills. Not only will it pay big dividends right now, but the biggest dividends will also come when the real estate market moves behind the cloud of COVID-19. Everyone in real estate will get super busy at the time with leads, buyers, and sellers. The activity will be off the charts!

The new strategies and skills you acquire now will enable you to close the gap faster and do more transactions in less time. What I am going to share with you will both change your business and your life.

Here are a few key strategies you will learn:
- How to craft a realistic and reasonable schedule.
- Tools, tricks, and tactics to stay on task and on schedule.
- How to control and manage interruptions, interactions, and intrusions
- Mastering the high wire balancing act of family and business even when sequestered at home.

The challenges are real with time, even more so in our quarantined lives. Sure, you can binge-watch Tiger King or Ozark on Netflix as so many people are doing. That passes the time, but you want to invest the time for your greater success and income.

There is no one more qualified in the sales and time management space to coach you to better productivity. Dirk wrote the book on it; Successful Time Management for Dummies®.

Download workbook

How Regina Sold 67 Homes in a Year as a Solo Agent

Written by The Professor

In this episode, Regina shares how she efficiently handles 60+ transactions annually with simple affordable systems and a strong work ethic. Regina is an incredible mastermind partner because of her relentlessness, flexibility in implementing new strategies, and willingness to share her knowledge with the real estate community.

Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Here are some of the things we cover:
• How she left accounting for real estate 
• How she manages her time to be as efficient as possible?
• Her social media and direct mail strategy?
• The systems and processes she uses?
• The strategies she is implementing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We want to thank Regina and Todd for sharing their knowledge with us and the real estate community!

As Todd mentioned during the episode, here is a PDF that he has shared, which includes scripts and strategies to grow your business in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate through this episode:

00:00:00 Introduction 
00:00:58 Regina’s background
00:01:53 How Regina sold her first home in 30 days
00:03:58 Strategy of adopting a neighborhood 
00:06:48 Being persistent may be annoying but also very successful 
00:09:59 Learning from a mistake
00:12:10 Having systems in place for continuing a successful business while also traveling 
00:18:02 How Regina handles expires
00:18:34 How to go door-knocking without a track record
00:21:10 You don’t need to bring anything or spend money 
00:26:21 Regina’s Real Geeks site
00:26:39 Regina’s direct mail strategy and having an intern
00:31:36 If you are going to commit to something give it your full effort
00:34:41 You are the product of your own expectations
00:36:49 Q - Do you think the coronavirus is going to make direct mail more important?
00:43:47 What Regina is doing during the coronavirus 
00:54:15 Technologies and systems Regina uses
00:57:13 How Regina uses Facebook
01:00:51 Wrap up


The Art of Lead Conversion

Written by The Professor

While most people are thinking about lead capture, lead conversion is where you make the money. You’ve heard it before - the fortune is in the follow-up! If you commit to clients from the start they will follow you through the buying phase when they’re ready! 

These are the steps to success with lead conversion that Abe Safa and Greg Harrelson have come up with: 

  1. Change your mindset: Rethink the process of how you reach your leads. You can reach MORE LEADS than you think!
  2. Act with Urgency: People are busy and it’s taking many attempts to get them on the phone - this is becoming the norm so act fast and get in front of your leads at the right time when they’re engaged on your website.
  3. Double dial, text: Do exactly that! If you don’t get a response then try harder and set your leads up on an automated drip campaign for easy follow-up after the first day of attempting to reach your lead.
  4. Provide great service to everyone: Commit to your leads from the start, whether they're in the dreaming, exploratory, or buying phase. Be patient and understand that everyone is at a different point in life and at some point they will reach the buyer phase and if you provide great service they'll work with you.

If you’re looking for a tool to help increase your bandwidth through automation - then our drip system and other tools are great to consider. To find out more about how Real Geeks’ all-in-one sales and marketing solution can help you succeed, call, email, or text me!

How Team Jenkins is Running Their Business While on Lockdown

Written by The Professor

As agents continue to adapt to these rapidly changing times, we know there is still some concern around how to effectively run your business. There are things all of us can do to move forward, and this right now may represent the biggest opportunity if we approach it correctly. 

Learn How Team Jenkins is Running Their Business While on Lockdown by shifting their approach and adopting a proactive mindset to move forward. 

Watch as Bill & Fran share what’s possible right now - from what to say to clients over phone calls, to differentiating between expenses and investments when cutting costs - follow along as this team offers practical information you can put to work immediately! 


5 Real Geeks Hacks You Must do Weekly

Written by The Professor

We’ve compiled a list of “5 Real Geeks Hacks You Must do Weekly” to take your business to the next level. It all comes down to getting into a routine with these WEEKLY HACKS. By following these steps you will save time and money, deliver the facts of the market to your clients, and become the #1 resource they can depend on. 

1. Share your listings on social media 7x a week: Share a minimum of one property each day AND make sure you direct message anyone who gets tagged in the post. To do this, you must use the listing share button, located on every property detail page of your Real Geeks website. 

2. Send market reports to 10 property owners weekly:
Add a minimum of 10 property owners to a market activity report and set them up to receive updates monthly. The more property owners you have coming back to your website each month, the more listings you’ll get in the future. This makes you the trusted authority in your marketplace! To do this, follow these simple steps.

3. Send a min. of 30 texts a week with a link to your properties for sale:
It is proven that more of your texts will be opened and read when a picture shows up. So text your buyers a property link and watch your engagement shoot through the roof! To do this, use the texting tool in your Real Geeks CRM. 

4. Call your buyers who have favorited a property in the last 7 days:
Pull a list of every buyer that has favorited a property in the last 7 days and call to see if they want to see the properties AND ask how you can adjust their search to make sure they receive more property updates of what they want. To pull the list, use the advanced search tool in your Real Geeks CRM. 

5. Post the “What’s my home worth?” tool on social media daily: Share this link once per week on your Facebook AND Linkedin accounts. This will help you build your brand and collect free seller leads.  To do this, use the seller lead valuation tool which is built into your Real Geeks website. 

And that’s it! There are many ways to leverage Real Geeks tools to grow your seller side and buyer side business. The key is for the agents to take a systematic approach to execute these simple hacks on a weekly basis. Over time, these simple strategies compound and your business grows! 


Follow along to the video below as Greg goes over the ways to leverage these hacks to generate more business with the Real Geeks system at little to no cost! 


3d Home Tour Solutions for You to Consider

Written by The Professor

We know that many states have prohibited in-person open houses and live showings. To help you make the most of these limitations, Real Geeks has researched the latest trends in 3D and virtual home tours. 

Here are some options for you to consider: 

VPiX $ Best Budget Solution
• $33/month for software only, hardware not included (COVID-19 special pricing) 
• Directly integrates with major social media channels for the agent who is socially “connected”. 

Asteroom $$ Best Quick & Easy Solution
• $89/starter package includes hardware. Use promo code REALGEEKS for an additional $10 off 
• Turns your iPhone into a 360 digital camera and produces 3D tours almost instantly.  

Matterport $$$ Best Full Feature Solution
• $399 - $18,000 for hardware, $0 - $309/month for software
• Powerful cameras and technology to capture, process, customize and publish 3D home tours. 

We hope this information will allow you to leverage the additional tools you can utilize to stay connected with your database in a safe and healthy way for everyone!

Your Clients Need You More Than Ever

Written by The Professor

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge these crazy times. Right now you may feel confused and unsure of what to do for your clients and business. But these times also present so many positive opportunities! 

Follow along as Greg Harrelson shares why real estate agents are essential right now!   

As you navigate through this time, remember…the largest financial decision most Americans make is a real estate transaction! As an agent, you are crucial to your clients’ financial health. So shift your mindset, focus on making a contribution, and the commissions will follow. 

Get up, step up, and start communicating! 

3 Objections to Overcome in Times of Uncertainty

Written by The Professor

Reaching out to your database can be challenging through these uncertain times. In fact, right now you may feel unsure about what to say and how to answer some of the questions your clients may have.

Follow along as Bill & Fran Jenkins work through some of the objections they are hearing in a role-play session that is more relevant than ever! 

Here are the objections Bill and Fran overcome:
• I'm thinking of not listing my home right now because I don't want to risk the health and safety of my family by having people come through my home.
• I'm looking to sell my home but I just don't think now is the right time.
I don't know why you're calling me now, haven't you seen what's going on in the world?


Understanding Your Small Business COVID-19 Relief Options

Written by The Professor

We know that your business may be experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19, and we know that a little financial support can go a long way during these uncertain times.

Our nation's small businesses are facing an unprecedented economic disruption due to the outbreak of COVID-19. On Friday, March 27, 2020, the President signed into law the CARES Act, which contains $376 billion in relief for sole proprietors, independent contractors, self-employed, and small businesses.

We’ve teamed up with Chase Browning, EVP, West Region Retail Sales Executive at BBVA, and put together the following resources to help you Understand Your Small Business COVID-19 Relief Options.

At Real Geeks, we have always been committed to helping real estate agents just like you, grow their business through good times and bad. We hope that this information helps shed some light on the resources available to you and that you are able to leverage this to help you through this shift and grow your business.

• COVID-19 Relief Options through SBA (PDF presentation with links)
• SBA's website
• PPP borrower application form
• Disaster loan assistance application
• Coronavirus emergency loans small business guide and checklist

• Guide to SBA's economic injury disaster loans
• Small business resilience toolkitFacebook small business grant