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8 Differences Between Good Agents and Great Agents


Someone asked us, “What is the biggest difference you see in agents doing a high level of production versus agents doing an ‘okay’ level of production?” In a nutshell, it’s a comparison between those who are doing good and doing great. There is no one answer for this, as it depends on a variety of factors. Today, we’ll explore 8 of them.

Putting Out Fires vs. Looking For Opportunities

Those who are doing good spend the majority of their time servicing a deal, a client, and putting out fires. Most of their days are consumed with putting out fires. They do this by checking their emails and files to see what fire they need to put out for the day.

Those who are doing great wake up and look for opportunities. They spend most of their time with lead generation, thinking about ways and taking action in looking for these opportunities. Then, they finish the day servicing their business.

To-Do Lists vs. Priorities List


Those who are doing good are experts in creating a to-do list. The to-do list, however, is a slippery slope. The challenge here is that most people with to-do lists hardly ever get something done.

Every day, they start with a to-do list they never get done. In the end, they don’t accomplish a lot. Thus, these people lose energy and motivation after a long day.

Those doing great create a priorities list. It doesn’t need to be long; five priorities or less is enough. Meeting these priorities means more opportunities once you complete them.

Goals-Based In The Past vs. Stretch Goals

Those who are doing good create goals based on what they believe they can achieve. What they believe they can achieve is based on what they have done in the past. That’s selling yourself short.

Those who are doing a higher level of business create stretch goals. If they did 20 deals in the past, they would aspire for 50 this year. But they don’t just talk the talk. They will achieve that by creating a business plan.

They figure out daily what actions are necessary for reaching that stretched goal.

Thinking vs. Taking Action

Those who are doing good spend a lot of time ensuring they don’t fail. They either overthink, overwork, or procrastinate. This is why people fail to start something. They focus too much on the finish line.

Those doing a high production level are always going for gold. They take action and accomplish.

Dreaming vs. Achieving

Both categories dream about what they want to accomplish, but those who are doing high levels of production execute. They believe in their dreams and take action. You can achieve what you can dream.

Unstructured vs. Routinary

Those who are doing good will “wing it.” They don’t have a routine. They do whatever they want in the morning and then check their emails. There is no structure.

High producers have tons of routines and rituals. They may have varying activities every day, but it’s the routine that’s important.

This does not necessarily point to what’s in the routine but more to the routine itself. An example is waking up at the same time every day despite performing different activities and tasks each time.

Being Emotional vs. Logical

Another difference between the two is their reactions to problems and negative feedback.

Instead of attacking others and being emotional about it, high performers take a deep breath, put the problem-solving on the schedule, and go with it.

On Prioritizing Lead Generation

Good producers always try to fit lead generation within their day. Meanwhile, the top producers are trying to fit their day around lead generation.

One thing you should notice about the list is that top producers do things more effortlessly than good producers. Their routines are easier to do and accomplish.


There are many differences between good and great agents. However, one commonality between all of them is that great agents are forward-thinking.

They consider the future with every step rather than ticking boxes off a to-do list or living out an unstructured work life.

Consider adopting a forward-thinking attitude and the 8 qualities that come with it in order to go from a good to a great agent.



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