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How New Agent Tom Nickley Will Sell 60+ Homes His 1st Year

Written by The Professor

You really need to see this INSTANT REPLAY of our live on-air Google Hangout series called “Keeping it Real”.

In this 3rd episode, Brand NEW Orlando real estate agent Tom Nickly , shares “How he will sell 60+ homes his 1st year in real estate”.

Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

Here are a few bullet points of what we covered and where you can view the topic in the recorded replay:

Intro - We break down Tom's YTD production numbers through June.
4:05 - How Tom's sales background in the wine industry has translated into real estate success.
9:07 - Tom's beginnings in real estate and his initial strategies for business growth.
17:00 - How to work leads, and why you should call ASAP.
22:34 - More keys to successful lead conversion.
33:50 - The importance of maintaining contact with internet leads.
42:31 - Tom's specific strategy for sticking to his follow-up plan.
46:00 - The correct way to introduce your buyers agent to clients.
53:15 - Jeff's list of income-producing activities that you should spend ALL your time on.
54:57 - The most important tip of the day! You can add an additional 25 - 50 transactions a year in implemented.

In Tom’s first 7 weeks he had 4 escrows, 1 closing, took 2 listings and was working with 12 pre-approved buyers.

If you are serious about increasing your closings and converting more leads into business… you REALLY NEED TO WATCH this. Whether you are a seasoned agent with years of experience or a novice, you will get a lot of advice you can start implementing right away to increase your income and take more time off!!

We would like to thank Tom Nickley for sharing and agreeing to do a follow up hangout in 6 to 8 months to see how he is progressing.

These live on-air Google Hangouts are presented and hosted by our very own Jeff Manson, Hawaii Realtor and founder of Real Geeks, in partnership with Frank Klesitz of Vyral Marketing.

You can visit our Real Geeks YouTube Channel to watch all past recordings.

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Our next episode is on Thursday July 31st at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT featuring Bill Jenkins, Las Vegas real estate agent & Tom Ferry Coach. Bill is going to share how his ISA is having so much success booking listing appointments he hardly has time to prospect. He is too busy going on appointments. This is going to be great..

You don’t want to miss this!

You can watch all past episodes of Keeping it Real and OPT In to get get invited to upcoming episodes here:

Greg Harrelson “How to Get More Business from Your Database"

Written by The Professor

Below is a recorded replay youtube video of our second live on-air Google Hangout series called “Keeping it Real”.

Our 2nd episode had Greg Harrelson, a Myrtle Beach real estate broker, sharing How to Get More Business from Your Database”.

Here are a few bullet points of what we covered and where you can view the topic in the recorded replay:

2:30 - The process of building a database
4:30 - A simple script for getting email addresses from contacts
11:45 - How to determine what educational content to include in emails
17:47 - Prioritizing follow-up based on email opens and clicks
24:12 - How to properly promote a Property Valuation tool
28:00 - Using Infusionsoft to truly understand the consumer
33:33 - An in-depth description of several specific lead campaign sequences
43:23 - How to keep prospectors from getting "tied up" in technology
53:21 - The key to maximizing user engagement through emails

Greg has been in the real estate industry for 20 years. His company/team have been producing results at a high level for a long time. He is a master at setting up systems and executing. His company/team closed 1400 transactions in 2013. He can attribute a large percentage of the closed transactions to his database management and content (email) marketing.

Here are the different lead sources and campaigns he goes over:
- Buyer / Online leads
- General Seller Leads
- Expired Listings
- FSBO (for sale by owners)
- Rentbo’s (rent by owners)
- COI (center of influence)
- Past Clients
- Adopt a Buyer
- Active Seller Lead Sequence
- Recruiting Sequences

We would like to thank Greg Harrelson for sharing great ways to increase any agents business!

These live on-air Google Hangouts are presented and hosted by our very own Jeff Manson, Hawaii real estate broker and founder of Real Geeks, in partnership with Frank Klesitz of Vyral Marketing.

You can visit our Real Geeks YouTube Channel to watch all past recordings.

Follow us on Google+ to get notified immediately when we announce new events:

Our next episode is on Thursday July 10th at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT featuring Orlando real estate agent Tom Nickley. He is going to share how he had 4 escrows, 1 closing, took 2 listings and was working with 12 buyers the first 7 weeks in real estate.

Tom is track to sell 60 properties his first year in the business. You don’t want to miss this!


Todd Tramonte Shares How He gets 7.5% Listings

Written by The Professor

Below is a recorded youtube video of our very first live on-air Google Hangout series called “Keeping it Real

Our first episode had Todd Tramonte, a Dallas area real estate broker, sharing how he takes 7.5% listings by providing world class service and value to his clients.

These ongoing Hangouts are twice a month on Thursdays at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT. You can follow our Real Geeks Google+ page to get invites of upcoming episodes.

These live on-air Google Hangouts are presented and hosted by our very own Jeff Manson, founder of Real Geeks and Hawaii real estate broker, in partnership with Frank Klesitz of Vyral Marketing.

There’s nothing to sell - Keeping it Real hangouts are 100% educational.
It's our way to thank you and give back to the real estate community.

Our next episode is on Thursday June 19th at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT featuring Myrtle Beach real estate broker Greg Harrelson. He is going to share how he and his team close over 300 transactions marketing to his database using Infusionsoft with the content he personally created.


Tom Nickley Orlando Realtor Gets Real Results

Written by Guest

Tom Nickley ~ Orlando, Florida / Real Leads Customer

After making a career change into the real estate industry the last 1/4 of 2013, I was on a mission to find the best lead generation website in order to get myself in front of as many potential homebuyers/homesellers in the shortest amount of time.  After countless hours of research into Tigerleads, Boomtown, Commissions Inc and many others, I ultimately made the decision to go with Real Geeks and their lead generation team Real Leads.  I couldn't be happier with the decision that I made.  Everything from the fully customizable website design, the user friendly back end lead management system and the support from the Real Geeks staff (what other company do you get support directly from the owner himself) has exceeded my expectations.

Just 4 months in the real estate business and 7 weeks into my Real Leads campaign. I have had 114 signups, 4 clients under contract (1 already closed), 2 listings taken and I'm currently working with 12 other buyers. 

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Real Estate Wordpress Websites vs Real Geeks IDX Websites by Litchfield Park Real Estate Agent

Written by Guest

Comparison by Cinda Rose from The West Valley Home Team

Todd Bogert, our small business technology consultant, recently helped switch our main website "The West Valley Home Team" from a Real Estate Wordpress website using Diverse Solutions as our IDX provider over to a complete IDX lead capture website site provided by Real Geeks. Within the first 2 weeks of launching our new website we tripled our leads generated with the same amount of site traffic! The quality of the leads has gone up as well.

I think one of the main reasons we are converting 3 times as many leads is that the Real Geeks site is blazingly fast compared to our old Real Estate Wordpress site. Our old site sometimes took 8-13 seconds to load.

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Infusionsoft Marketing for Real Estate Agents by Real Geeks

Written by Guest

Greg Harrelson - C21 the Harrelson Group Myrtle Beach

I have received numerous calls asking me about the Real Geeks websites and Infusionsoft software for online real estate marketing. Both platforms are producing great results and more people are starting to take notice and wanting to jump on board.

I have learned that many people are confused about how the two technologies work together, so I will attempt to explain in order to clarify.

Infusionsoft for Real Estate:

Many of the nations top producing real estate agents are using Infusionsoft to create better connections with their existing and prospective clients through automation. With the amount of leads that a Real Geeks IDX website can generate, it is hard to effectively communicate with all clients without losing some sort of personal connection. In other words, the more incoming leads there are, the more general the conversations have to be. The positive is the high amount of leads. The negative is that agents now have to resort to a general Eblast as a means to communicate as leads accumulate.

‘One Size Fits All’ communication no longer works.

People are tired of getting generalized email messages that are sent to thousands of people. Most of the mass emails are filtered as spam, or the searcher unsubscribes from your database. 

Infusionsoft is the solution to deliver ‘Personal Content On Demand’ versus ‘One Size Fits All

What is “Personal Content on Demand?”

Infusionsoft allows agents to monitor the click patterns of their online leads. Agents can measure each searcher's level of engagement, as well as determine his or her real estate preferences. Once the system learns what each user likes and is searching for, Infusionsoft will send him custom content that is relevant to his needs. This is done through automation, so each client feels like the agent is speaking to him personally. Broadcast emails are the past since each consumer is now expecting that their agent treat him as their most important client. Agents cannot accomplish this with the ‘off the shelf’ CRM systems.

(Q&A with Greg How He Uses Infusionsoft & Real Geeks)

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How to Improve Your Site and Regain Your Competitive Edge

Written by The Professor

This is the third post in a series on how independent real estate agents can improve their search engine rankings.

Over the last year or so, you may have noticed your leads becoming fewer and farther between. Maybe you're not seeing as many visitors to your website as you have in previous years, and your contact/sign up forms aren’t getting much use, either. When traffic seems to dry up, it's sometimes difficult for businesses or even industries to pinpoint the reasons why. Luckily, this isn't the case in the real estate space.

But knowing why a problem exists is only half the battle. The really valuable information is knowing how to fix an issue once you identify it. In addition to the predatory linking practices via widgets covered in the last post, two recent updates to Google's algorithm are also having an effect on how—and whether—real estate sites are displayed in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Let's take a look at one of these updates—Panda—and what you as an independent local real estate broker can do to improve your position, your leads, and your business.

Where Did My Site Go?

If your site suddenly lost its position in the SERPs at some point over the last year and a half, it's possible it was affected by Google's Panda update. Released in February 2010, Panda targets low-quality content , pushing sites that host that content further down in the SERPs, and allowing sites with higher-quality content to rise.

But what does Google consider to be low-quality content? Poor grammar and spelling. Content that seems irrelevant to the site, or is "thin," which basically means it offers little to no value to the reader. Sites with a large number of indexed pages, but low engagement. Those are just a few identifying features of low-quality content.

Because Panda is an update, and is itself updated by Google on a regular basis, it will continue to affect sites with low-quality content until that content is improved. So the first step in potentially regaining your position, and making it easier for potential customers to find you again, is to make some fundamental changes to your Internet real estate—your website.

Improve Your Website

Any website, but especially a business site, should never be static. Frequently updating the information provided keeps the site fresh, and makes it more attractive to Google and the other search engines. You have a couple of options for improving your site:

Redesign Your Site

The days of self-designed business sites built with free tools are long gone. In order to remain competitive, you must design a real estate website that is not only attractive, but is easy for your visitors to navigate. Bear in mind, you also want your site to be search-engine-friendly, and to easily integrate IDX.

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Boomtown ROI vs Real Geeks IDX Websites by Columbia SC Real Estate Broker

Written by Guest

Comparison by Tonya Graves from Capital City Realty

I launched my Columbia SC real estate website in 2009 in order to target online home searches or as we say in the business to “get leads”. I quickly learned that I would need to do more than build a website to get buyers to register on my site. Online home buyers searching on the Internet want to see the entire inventory for an area or the MLS. They didn’t want to see just my couple of listings.

For a broker to provide the MLS to web users they must provide an IDX or Internet Data Exchange.  The first IDX solution I used was Boomtown (ROI). The Boomtown leads management was very expensive at $1500 minimum per month. It was actually higher because they required advertising budgets above and beyond that.

In August 2011 I switched from Boomtown IDX to Real Geeks. I learned of Real Geeks from a real estate colleague and web designer at One Wave Designs named Paul Coffman. He boasted how Real Geeks was very SEO friendly with clean sites that rank well. I know and trust Paul’s knowledge about rankings & lead generation websites so I considered the change.

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How You're Helping Zillow and Trulia to Outrank You

Written by The Professor

Real Geeks ProfessorMaking it to the first page of Google is no easy feat. You can optimize your site, make sure your content is of the highest quality, and adhere to Google's standards, and still never make it for one reason or another. Usually, it's a matter of other sites simply doing something better than you. Maybe they've built more backlinks. Maybe they're better at marketing. That's the nature of any business—fair competition. But what if you were unknowingly helping another site to outrank you?

Sadly, this is the case for many independent real estate agents out there. You think you're doing everything right, and even going above and beyond, but you're still getting beaten by larger brands. It may be that you're contributing to their success, and your lack of visibility. How? Through a simple device called a widget, which uses your website to drive traffic and boost the rankings of two major names in the real estate space, Zillow and Trulia.

Predatory Linking Practices

Those two sites need no introduction. You know who they are. You may also know that try as you might, you can't overtake them in the SERPs. In fact, the longer they're around, the further your site seems to fall in the results. Maybe you even thought you'd try to take advantage of their name recognition, and add one, two, or a few of their widgets to your site. Little did you know that by doing so, you were giving Zillow and Trulia even more firepower to outrank your site.

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The State of Real Estate SERPs

Written by The Professor

Real Geeks ProfessorThis is the first post in a series on how independent real estate agents can improve their search engine rankings.

Have you noticed something different about the search engine results pages (SERPs) lately? Specifically, when you use Google to search for terms related to your business and your local area, does your site appear? Do any sites belonging to independent real estate agents in your area appear? They probably do, but it's likely they're not coming up on the first page of Google. They're possibly not even on the second page, either. That means it's more difficult for your potential customers to find you, and that's not good for your business.

The current state of real estate SERPs is a little disturbing. Large national brands are dominating the SERPs, keeping the smaller sites—like yours—pushed further down, where potential customers are unlikely to look. This is easily demonstrated by performing a simple search of your city followed by the phrase "real estate," as in "Chicago real estate."

We did just that for the top 50 metro areas in the United States (by population), and logged the first three pages of Google results. This is what we found:

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