How To Increase Lead Engagement and Conversion

How To Increase Lead Engagement and Conversion

Understanding how to increase lead engagement and conversion goes hand-in-hand with getting leads. Getting leads today is much easier than before. Usually, all you have to do is to increase your budget for PPC to see an additional lead flow.

However, lead engagement and conversion offer more opportunities to increase income than having more leads. Lead engagement must be your priority between the two as conversion will eventually follow. Here’s a closer look.

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Update All Clients Accordingly

People might wonder how to get high engagement and good conversion when there are deliverability issues. However, these problems have historically been present in various sales industries. It’s better to think of solutions than worry about the problem itself.

One strategy is to ensure all your potential leads are on some form of alert for new properties or listings. If you don’t want to put past clients on your property notifications — perhaps because they are inactive buyers — then you need them on a marketing activity report.

It’s one or the other; everyone should be on some sort of auto-generated message list per month or every time a new listing comes on. Note that some consumers will not see the auto-generated notification because of their email settings.

Expect buyers to behave just like other people when it comes to emails. People would tune out the emails they get when they see that it’s about the same listing, just from different sources. The challenge is to stand out from the competition.

Clone Your Saved Searches for Yourself

Cloning saved searches for your buyers and naming them after them may help you track who the property is for when you get alerts. Do this when you set up your buyer for auto property alerts for new listings.

You would get the same alerts as your buyer gets. Accordingly, you’ll know that your client got an alert. That way, you can take appropriate action and begin increasing lead engagement and conversion.

Manually Text Clients About Property Listings

Copy the links to the property listings with your phone and text the clients who get alerts on new properties. Texting your clients can start a two-way conversation better than relying on email alone. Think about how texting 100 people would be more effective than emailing 100 people.

When you email customers, you just have to hope it gets delivered and that they open it. Remember, they likely got several other emails presenting the same property that you are alerting them about. Meanwhile, the majority of texts would put you instantly in a dialogue.

That’s where the engagement comes in. Instead of simply setting notifications, sending them out to thousands of recipients, and then forgetting about them, you would have more business when you personally converse with the buyers you text.

Final Words: Let Automation Assist Your Work, Not Replace It

The little bit of effort you would put in manually connecting with your customers is the key to increasing lead engagement in conversion. Many of us have become used to automation and rely on it so much that we forget that we are dealing with people.

We don’t have to use automation less. Instead, let’s increase our manual work. Automations are designed to assist us in our work. Let the auto-generated messages tell us who to target, and we can get to work.

When it comes to your buyers, either set them up for automatic new property notifications or put past clients on a market activity report. Either option allows you to keep track of their activity, which you can proactively interact with accordingly — eventually connecting with them to increase conversion.

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