Getting Past Deliverability Issues

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Getting past deliverability issues can be a significant roadblock for real estate agents, but there are solutions to ensure your messages reach their intended recipients.

Greg Harrelson and Abe Safa discuss the real estate industry's deliverability challenges and offer strategies for overcoming them.


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The CRM controls what goes out, not what is delivered

In the past, agents relied on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as their primary source of leads, using a bound book to keep records and manually contacting leads through mail or visits.

However, with the advent of technology, new options for lead capture emerged, such as phone calls and email. But as people grew tired of receiving calls and spam filters blocked emails, agents turned to text messages as a primary form of contact.

Abe suggests that the key to getting past deliverability issues is to adapt to new technologies and shift your mindset to stay ahead of the game.

To ensure your message is not labeled as junk, read your content and make it less about sales and more about providing value to potential clients.

Step back as a consumer

Affecting every industry

Re-evaluate all the messaging youre sending out

Get them to save you as a contact

Pull people in

Use high-quality content such as videos, creative visuals, and storytelling techniques to draw people in, and include your contact information.

Greg notes that reaching leads has come full circle, and calling is becoming the primary form of outreach once again. Make sure your calls are personal, professional, and concise to build rapport and close more deals.

Videos and Saving Contacts

Call them! You have permission.

In conclusion, getting past deliverability issues can be challenging, but by understanding the current landscape and adapting your strategy accordingly, you can capture leads and stay in touch with your clients.


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