5 ways to leads get off fence

5 Ways to Get Leads Off the Fence

The uncertainty in the market tends to make people freeze. After all, a real estate transaction is a major financial decision that would scare most property owners or home buyers.

So a good real estate agent knows the right dialogues and conversations to help move leads into taking action, especially when the market shifts.

At Real Geeks, we wanted to share five ways to get leads off the fence. Keep reading and apply these to your next contacts.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Real

Between you and your lead, you’re the real estate expert. So you need to act like one and provide the insight that will help them make the right decisions. Some of them could be hesitant and refuse to believe that a property they’ve invested in isn’t productive.

It’s up to you to tell them the real stakes and what could happen if they opt to sell it now versus in the future.



2. Interest Rates Can Be Refinanced

High-interest rates can intimidate property buyers, but tell them the facts: those can be refinanced. Along with the higher rates are lower requirements on offers that help get a contract.

Let them understand that the amount they’ll pay for the initial offer will be permanent, but the mortgage rates can change if they refinance it.



3. Talk About Inventory

There’s currently a high percentage of pending inventory, which means there are a lot more properties in the market than usual.

Tell them that sellers are usually less likely to negotiate in this scenario and that there are more properties to choose from.

You can also inform them that once interest goes down, these properties will quickly disappear. Now is the best time to get them!

4. Inform, Don’t Sell

In a shifting market, buyers and sellers are on the edge—more so than they usually would be when selling property. So be empathetic and careful with your messaging.

You don’t want to come off as salesy or manipulative when sharing data or information.

The goal is to provide evidence where they can draw their own conclusions with your guidance. Expert real estate agents know how to offer their knowledge sincerely.

5. It’s Not About Making a Sale Immediately

Getting a lead off the fence doesn’t mean closing a sale. It’s about making them move and gaining some sort of momentum.

Did you advance the ball today? Did you educate them well enough that you become their preferred real estate professional?

It’s a series of small advances that help you reach the end zone. So be patient. And even if they do choose not to sell or buy after talking to them, you can still consider that success since you got them off the fence.

The Bottom Line

At Real Geeks, we’re all about making the jobs of real estate agents easier. So if your lead is stuck in limbo and unable to decide, follow the steps we shared above to get them moving! Tell them the facts, be the professional they need and don’t be afraid to get real.


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