Getting Your First 10 Leads in 2022

Even if you had a successful business year in 2021, you’re still starting at zero as you welcome 2022. As a real estate agent trying to maintain your competitive advantage, you might be wondering who your first 10 leads will be this year. Unsure where or how to get started?

Focusing on the How

Besides thinking about who your first best leads will be in 2022, you also have to consider the “how.” Clients won’t just knock on your door and ask you to satisfy their real estate goals and proceed with the contract. Thus, you have to equip yourself in getting these leads.

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Identifying Your Leads

“Your next 10 deals may already be in your database. You may just not have noticed them.” That is why finding multiple opportunities is imperative, and you should ensure that you are communicating with 100% of your database via workflow.

Start with dead leads or those who are not active on the website. Go through your database and make this assumption: every lead that you think is dead is actually active. They’re just active on someone else’s website.

Therefore, leads that are not responding to you are responsive. You’ve just lost their attention, so they’re responding to other professionals. That’s why we train and ask our virtual ISAs to work on the database to grab these people’s attention and call them. Once they’ve identified these leads, they’ll notify the agents who will, in turn, contact these individuals.


To get your first 10 leads, perform segmenting, organize, and know who’s who and where they are in the selling and buying cycle. Remember that people who weren’t ready a few years ago might be ready now. Get in touch with them and have a working process in place, so you know their spot in the cycle.

While it may be too late to do this in January, you’ll at least be settled in for February and the rest of the year. You may have talked to individuals two months ago who said they wanted to wait until the holidays are over. Start with those people.

Developing the Right Mindset and Strategy

Your clients from two years ago could be your next leads. Given that they’ve seen appreciation as high as 40% or even 90%, they may be thinking about selling, buying, and then upgrading. Thus, the right mindset is “everyone is considering selling right now.”

Also, think about whether you’re reaching out to those people. Ask your preferred lender regarding interest rates, as these are expected to increase in March. Do your research first, target those who are buying in the next few months, and educate them to buy as soon as possible. This way, “you’ll have a client for life because you’re saving them a lot of money.”

Final Thoughts

Attaining new leads might be another challenge for the new year. However, by having the right mindset and strategy, performing segmenting, and using Real Geeks’ tools, you can get your first 10 leads and close more deals.

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