The Real Estate Roller Coaster

The Real Estate Roller Coaster (1)

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The Real Estate Roller Coaster

Buying a property doesn’t just take a financial toll but also an emotional one. Especially in the current market, home buying can be a real emotional roller coaster. 

You can go from panicking to being joyful and to being panicked again. These all can happen in a day, and it is sometimes pretty normal, especially if this is your first time.

Expecting this roller coaster ride of emotions can help you get through it much easier than you normally would.

The following are a few emotions that you might encounter along the way.


Deciding to get new real estate is always exciting. You saw a great listing, got it approved, and decided to take a picture with your new property.

You then decide to move out, start living independently, think about all the things you could be doing, and you also get to experience a new neighborhood.


Frustration happens when you miss out on really good deals on offers. Having your dream property taken away from you makes you compromise to find a different location. You’re frustrated with not only your agent but your choices and all the other things building up at that point.


There might be a scenario where you place an offer on a really good real estate that you can invest in for the future.

However, problems arose, and things didn’t work out for you. You feel devastated and decide to keep searching.


Once you’ve experienced the roller coaster ride of emotions, you learn to deal with them and try not to bring out as much emotion to hinder you from your goal.

You understand that there are times when you may not win, but you have to keep on going.


Finally, the offer is accepted. You are in disbelief, and you couldn’t be happier. Nothing feels better than going through all the trouble to realize that everything has finally paid off. 


When you finally start to cool down and the moment's heat passes, you start to have a “what have I done” moment. You start to realize how much money you just spent.

You’re also now concerned with the monthly costs and how much you’ll be spending more than just your property.


As time passes, you realize that you can easily overcome this fear by playing smart.

You can talk to your mortgage broker and analyze how you can pay your monthly fees.

You can also invest in your real estate by selling it in a few years. You are just relieved that everything is over, and you can finally relax.

The Bottom Line

One needs to recognize the different emotions of buying real estate. Use these feelings as an opportunity for growth.

Just because one bad thing happened doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

It’s always important to keep moving forward but, at the same time, recognize all the ups and downs.


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