Greg Harrelson and Abe Safa give you some proven tips that can help you find opportunities from "dead leads" in your database. You may be thinking all hope is lost when you have a dead lead, but don’t give up just yet! Although these leads may seem like a dead-end for many real estate agents, there are some things you can do to bring them back to life. 

Find out what a dead lead is and how to create an opportunity out of them. 

What Do Dead Leads Mean?

Dead is a label that real estate agents often put on leads that they feel like they shouldn’t waste their time with.

For this we are considering "dead leads" to be those with zero engagement. Thus giving the impression that there is no possibility of them taking action or transacting with agents. These are people can be identified in the database with having no activity at all for at least 90 days.

Keep in mind that although real estate agents consider these leads “dead,” it’s not the same for companies paying money for those leads. They instead refer to these leads as “abandoned”. With abandoned leads, you have the opportunity to take action. 

How Do You Revive Those Dead Leads?

Call Them

If you have less than 100 people in your database commit to making 20 contacts a day. You don’t need really to rely on workflows yet, you can simply call them and seize your opportunities.

For those without telephone numbers, you can also opt for direct mail or do some circle prospecting. These strategies can help increase your chances of getting interested leads. 



Activate a Re-Engagement Campaign

You can activate a re-engagement campaign by sending at least two texts or emails to the whole group of “dead leads” in a database. Do it in chunks of 50 people so that you can reply back to anyone who engages in a timely manner.

When they respond, treat them with the same urgency as a brand new lead. Be ready for a one-on-one, back-and-forth dialogue. It’s also important for you to “take people offline.”

This means that the sooner you can take communication through the phone, the faster and more leads you’ll identify. People who will pick up the phone are considered your hottest leads. But if some don’t pick up, don’t abandon them and continue responding within the database. 

Make Sure There’s Future Activity Scheduled 

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Before kicking off the re-engagement campaign filter out completely disengaged leads. Make sure that everyone has some future activity scheduled, no matter if it’s six months or even two years down the line. This helps you identify exactly which leads to call. 

Once you have made contact with a lead, ask questions about what kind of properties they’re looking for. The purpose of this is to update their saved search with more relevant alerts to get them back on your site and show what kind of value you can provide.

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