Our tenth episode in 2015 of Keeping it Real, "How to add 10 Million in Production" features Kansas City Realtor, Mike Gunselman.

Mike shares:
- How he is adding 10 million to his production in 2015
- What systems he has put in place to take it to the next level.
- He shares each business source he is working and his work flow.

He also covers what he is doing now to double his production in 2016.

Below is a full on-demand replay of the live Google Hangout On Air event.



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Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

3:00 - Introducing Mike Gunselman, an agent on a mission to build a highly profitable business.
10:00 - Mike discusses building his team and how each member perfectly fits into the scope of his business.
15:00 - Mike details how his scripts have evolved over time, and how he trains his team to use them to convert leads.
17:00 - The follow-up process, and why it's so critical to success in real estate.
22:00 - An example of one of Mike's scripts, complete with role play.
25:00 - Jeff shares expired script to close more appointments.
27:00 - What to look for in a good calling assistant.
33:00 - How Mike is building a successful company without spending a lot of money.
36:00 - Why Mike thinks getting his Real Geeks website up and running will be key to his business' growth
40:00 - Why working their referral database is going to allow Mike's production to blow up.
40:50 - How to send something of true value to your database to stay in front of them without annoying them.
48:00 - How Mike has avoided big mistakes in his business thus far.
54:00 - The detailed compensation structure for Mike's team.
58:00 - What the best value for lead generation, cultivation and (CRM) conversion system is.

We'd like to thank Mike for joining us on this episode and sharing his personal business story and how he has put himself in a great position for huge growth.

These live on-air Google Hangouts are presented and hosted by our very own Jeff Manson, Oahu Hawaii real estate broker of American Dream Realty and founder of Real Geeks, in partnership with Frank Klesitz, CEO of Vyral Marketing.

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