In this episode, real estate broker, Lisa Chinatti of Westford, MA, shares how she grew her business from 8 sales a year to over $2 million in GCI in three years! 

Lisa goes over all the different systems she is using to build more business out of her database and the lead sources she’s working. This year, she will close more deals by leveraging her CRM to identify hot prospects and generate more business from her COI/SOI!




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Learn how Lisa generates all her different lead sources, the exact systems and cadence of how she follows up with her various prospects, what she has her ISAs doing and how she hires them. She also shares how she got her farm started, the frequency of her farming, and the content she sends to her farm. You don’t want to miss this! 

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate to the section that will help you the most:

- 00:02:52 Lisa shares her numbers from 2017
- 00:03:59 Quick overview of how Lisa went from 8 transactions in 2015 to over $2M GCI in 2017.
- 00:08:10 Lisa breaks down the percentages of buyers and sellers
- 00:08:37 Lisa shares all her income-producing lead sources
- 00:09:24 Lisa dives in to her internet/FB lead sources, including cost per lead and percentage of sellers vs. buyers
- 00:12:55 Lisa discusses her follow-up process and how she nurtures internet leads
- 00:15:00 Lisa goes over her ISA’s process 
- 00:17:17 Lisa discusses the process between long-term and short-term leads
- 00:18:27 Lisa discusses her follow-up process in detail
- 00:20:45 Lisa shares how she works Zillow leads, including average conversion time, percentages, cost per lead, and follow-up process. 
- 00:29:53 Lisa shares her PPC conversion rates and cost per lead. 
- 00:32:11 Lisa shares how she uses market reports with her COI/SOI and past clients. 
- 00:33:50 How more COI/SOI prospects are using home valuation tool after receiving market reports 
- 00:34:38 Lisa shares how she works her past clients
- 00:34:44 Lisa shares postcard farming
- 00:39:00 Lisa shares how she streamlines her follow-up process by using one CRM
- 00:39:28 Lisa and Jeff share how to keep a positive mindset
- 00:43:37 Lisa shares the importance of role-playing
- 00:45:10 Lisa shares the positive affirmations that work well for her and her team
- 00:46:04 Jeff defines a positive affirmation and what that means for an agent
- 00:48:21 Lisa shares how she became confident during her first year of business and how the business became scalable
- 00:50:37 Lisa shares an example of the type of postcards she sends out
- 00:52:51 Lisa talks about how the market reports are created
- 00:55:35 Lisa shares her tips on hiring ISAs
- 00:58:10 Lisa talks about how many agents she has now and when she knows to add another agent

These LIVE Hangouts are hosted and presented by our very own Jeff Manson, founder of Real Geeks and Hawaiian real estate broker of American Dream Realty, in partnership with Frank Klesitz, CEO of Vyral Marketing.

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