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How Jeff Quintin Sells 200+ Homes a Year & Carries 90 Listings

Instead of thinking about how hot or how good this lead is, do some investigating and figure out where they are in the pipeline.

31 Aug 2014

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In our 6th episode, Ocean City (Jersey Shore) real estate agent Jeff Quintin shares: “How He Sells 200+ Homes a Year & Carries 90 Listings”.

He shares how he generates seller leads and how they follow up on them to convert them into listings. He also covers how they manage all those transactions (Listings & Escrows) with only 2 admin.


Here are the main points we covered with timestamps:

4:40 - How Jeff generates seller leads.
7:17 - How Jeff's team is structured.
9:30 - A typical morning of lead generating.
12:24 - How are commissions split on Jeff's team?
13:35 - Where does he get his phone numbers?
15:58 - Guidelines for unlicensed ISAs.
17:23 - What's the procedure for future follow up?
20:00 - How do you stay persistent without getting discouraged?
27:05 - How is Jeff layering his marketing? How does his system work?
32:00 - Buyer lead generation.
34:55 - Where to get content for drip campaigns.
37:08 - How to prospect from a marketing standpoint.
39:30 - How do you communicate with 90 listings with such a small team?
45:10 - Structuring email sequences.
45:45 - Payment structure and how to build a team.
47:58 - What percentage of Jeff's 90 listings won't sell?
50:02 - What software or system does he use to manage his transactions once they go into escrow.
53:50 - Do you call on Zillow's "Make Me Move" leads?
55:10 - How does Jeff develop his unique content?

Jeff also goes over how he is able to maintain the mindset and discipline to prospect daily to to build his real estate business. This enables him to have a schedule that allows him to only work 5 days a week and still take time to take and pick up his kids from school.

If you are interested in taking more listings, working only 5 days a week, and making a great profit… You really need to watch this. There are too many takeaways to list.

A HUGE thanks to Jeff for taking an hour on his day off to share with all of us!!

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Our next episode is on Thursday September 11th at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT featuring Charlotte, NC real estate agent Lars Hedenborg. His team generates around 3 million a year in gross commissions.

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