Harnessing Automation to Stay Competitive in a Changing Housing Market

Real estate agents value efficiency in a shifting market, but not everyone has the time nor the resources to make this happen.

Thankfully, we at Real Geeks have the solutions to help you stay competitive in a changing housing market. One of these is the Geek AI, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to do some heavy lifting.

So, how does it work? We’ll dive deeper into this innovative tech and see how it’s helped our current customers in all stages of the real estate process. Keep reading to learn how it works.

Challenges With Appointments and Leads

The market and environment are changing. The old methods of securing appointments with leads are no longer as effective as they were before — younger generations are shying away from calls, preferring texts as a mode of communication.

This makes it even harder for agents to maintain all of these conversations, as there’s not enough time to “sow seeds” and keep hot and warm leads for the future.

What Tools Are in Place to Address These Challenges?

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Many real estate firms and agents are meeting these modern problems head-on with modern solutions.

One of the most promising solutions among these is customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as the Real Geeks CRM.

Agents are also taking advantage of their websites and testimonials to enhance the confidence of wary customers.

How a CRM Helps

The Real Geeks CRM has many capabilities that make it an indispensable tool in an agent’s arsenal.

One of the most useful features is the ability to track who’s been actively visiting and engaging with your website. These are the low-hanging fruit — the people who are most likely to respond and set up an appointment with your firm.

CRMs are thus able to narrow down your database so you can concentrate on leads who are more likely to convert. This saves you time that you might otherwise be forced to spend fruitlessly combing over your entire database.

However, the numbers can still be overwhelming — but that’s where automation through AI comes in.

AI Autoresponders: The Future in CRM

An autoresponder is a major integration in today’s CRMs. The Robin Geek AI is the Real Geeks CRM tool that responds to customers for you, allowing you to sit back and only jump in when necessary.

It’s the best way to qualify leads without wasting time communicating with every single one of them.

While it’s highly possible that customers may know they’re talking to an AI, the rapidly-improving technology is making autoresponders even more believable and comfortable to speak to as the years go by.

Meet Robin! Geek AI

The Real Geeks AI, Robin, is still in its beta stages. However, it has already shown very promising results. Real Geek users’ leads didn’t even realize that they were talking to an AI, even if they’d been messaging all day!

That’s because the program developers are constantly improving its responses through script monitoring.

Real Geeks developers assess situations where Robin succeeds or needs improvement.

We’ve found that leads become more and more likely to set appointments as they spend more and more time with Robin — we’re talking months. Of course, that’s not fast enough for a real estate firm. The real magic happens with the agents.

Geek AI hero-1-1

Stay Competitive in a Changing Housing Market

Robin is just a tool. The work still falls on you, the agent. You’ll have the capability to monitor the conversations the AI makes with your leads, but that also means you’ll have to jump in during critical moments to maintain the momentum of the conversation.

In a way, Robin just starts the conversation and brings the ball a few yards nearer to the goal; it’s still up to you to score.

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