Follow Up Strategies For CONSISTENT Business (1)

When it comes to drumming up business in real estate, it’s all about consistency. For consistent business, there’s one skill every realtor should master — follow-up. 

Following up on leads ensures a steady stream of buyers and leads. You can have the best lead generation strategies in the world.

However, without a solid follow-up game, none of your lead generation tricks will guarantee sales and more inventory. In other words, your business will be, as Greg described, a “rollercoaster” of peaks and off-seasons. 

In short, dialing in your follow-up game is the missing link to your real estate business’s success. In this edition of Real Geeks Masterminding, Greg and Abe walk you through their best follow-up practices.

Stay tuned as Greg and Abe share their tried and tested follow-up strategies for consistent business.  

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Ensure Long-term Success With a Diversified Pipeline of Leads

“Too many agents think of NOW business and don’t think long-term.” – Abe

Consistency is key in the world of real estate and the key to consistency is mastering the art of follow-up. Lead generation is essential, but without a strong follow-up strategy, those leads won't necessarily convert into sales and inventory.

In real estate, the difference between success and failure is often in the follow-up. In this article, we'll share tips from Greg and Abe, two successful real estate professionals, on how to master your follow-up game for consistent business.

The first step to a strong follow-up strategy is to diversify your pipeline of leads. Rather than just focusing on the now, you need to think long-term and categorize your leads based on where they are in the conversion process.

 Abe suggests dividing your leads into "hot," "warm," and "cold." Your hot leads will require the most follow-up and should be given priority, while your cold leads can be kept in the pipeline for future follow-ups.

Schedule Time for Your “Hot Leads”

Making time for your hot leads is crucial. This means scheduling specific times to reach out and follow-up with them. Improving your chances of sealing the deal with your hot leads requires your immediate attention.

When you do follow-up, avoid jumping straight into a sales pitch. Instead, "jab" your hot and warm leads by offering value.

This could be information about the market or the latest property you checked out. The goal is to position yourself as someone who is willing to serve, not just sell.

Offer Value Before You Sell

Offering value before you sell is essential. This could mean providing information for free, or simply being willing to serve and help your leads.

By providing value, your leads will appreciate having you as their agent and will be more likely to do business with you in the future. It's important to play the long game and not always be hunting for a sale during your follow-ups.

Finally, it's essential to ignore the noise and stick to what has worked. As Greg notes, the most successful real estate professionals tend to stick to tried and true methodologies.

Changing your follow-up workflow to accommodate the latest trend is a recipe for disaster and unproductive busyness.

Final Tip: Ignore the Noise and Stick to What Has Worked

The tips outlined in this article may seem basic, but they work - especially if you put in the time and effort daily. As Abe and Greg put it, "The boring is consistent." In other words, consistent, boring follow-up strategies are what will lead to long-term success in real estate.

In conclusion, a strong follow-up strategy is the missing link to success in real estate. Diversifying your pipeline of leads, making time for your hot leads, offering value before you sell, and sticking to what has worked are all essential tips for mastering your follow-up game.

Remember, the key to success in real estate is consistency, and the key to consistency is follow-up. So, ask yourself, is your business boring enough to create the wealth you need to experience everything you want in life?

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