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Converting More Zillow Leads & Higher ROI

Instead of thinking about how hot or how good this lead is, do some investigating and figure out where they are in the pipeline.

10 Jun 2016

This episode of Keeping it Real: "Converting More Zillow Leads & Higher ROI".
Mark Martin shares how he is getting 8.5X ROI working Zillow Leads. They have generated 35 transactions through May for a total sales volume of $11,775,033 and an average price of $336,429.



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Below are some time stamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

3:00 - Mark Martin’s background in real estate
11:00 - Mark’s daily duties in his real estate business and how he leverages his tasks
18:00 - Why salespeople should not be making cold calls
20:00 - How Mark built his business around Zillow leads
25:00 - A walk-through of Mark’s sales funnels and lead conversion strategy
29:00 - The importance of answering the phone (and how to answer the phone properly)
34:00 - More on Mark’s sales funnel and outbound calling
43:00 - How mark directs conversations for higher conversion (friendly, educational, engaging)
47:00 - Common mistakes that Mark sees in other sales funnels
51:00 - Mark’s budget for Zillow and his cost per lead

We'd like to thank Austin real estate agent, Mark Martin for joining us on this hangout and sharing how he is crushing it working Zillow leads!

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