Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa discuss how to set up your day for success.

Most business owners struggle with productivity and don't have a plan for how they're going to achieve their goals. Without a plan, you'll quickly find yourself spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

Time is the most precious commodity, and it's essential to use it wisely when running your own business.

In the latest mastermind session, Greg Harrelson and Abe Safa discuss how to set up your day for success. They outline a three-stage process to help you stay productive and achieve your goals.

3 Stages of the Day

Your day is filled with many activities as a real estate agent. It can be tough to stay focused and get everything done that you need to.

Greg and Abe recommend breaking your day down into three stages. Let's look at each stage and what you should be doing during that time.

Stage One: Pre-game Routine

The Pre-game Routine is all about getting your mind and body ready for the day ahead. This is when you should be doing things like working out, meditating, and eating a healthy breakfast.

When thinking about this stage, the question that comes into mind is: "Are you intentional with your routine?" Having an effective pre-game routine will set the tone for the rest of your day and help you be more productive.

The pre-game is from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM for Greg and Abe. They usually divide the pre-game into three parts:

  • Generate energy
  • Stimulate yourself mentally
  • Get to work early

"The people who show up earlier and start going through a routine typically perform better than those that just start from a cold start." - Greg.

It's important to note that everyone's pre-game routine will be different. It should be tailored to what works best for you and your schedule.

Stage Two: The Game

Lead generation is the critical activity during this stage. This is when you're working to generate new leads and grow your business.

It usually starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 11:00 AM. This is when you should be making calls and going over your database. The goal during this stage is to generate as many leads as possible. The more leads you have, the more chances you can make a sale.

All closed deals come from contact, so lead generation should be your number one priority as a real estate agent.

"Having consistency every day will keep feeding your business." - Abe.

Without a consistent lead generation system, your business will eventually dry up.

Stage Three: Post-game

The Post-game is everything you need to do to get your business organized. This is when you should be reviewing your to-do list, doing research, or negotiating contracts.

During this time, you should focus on the administrative tasks that need to be done to keep your business running smoothly.

Any other odd ends that need to be tied up should also be done during this stage.

Stage Four: Celebration

While it's not technically one of the three stages, Greg and Abe believe it's important to celebrate your successes.

You should take some time to reflect on what you've accomplished at the end of each day. It will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. When you see yourself making progress, it will help you stay on track.

As Greg said, "There's not a lot of joy of being on call 24 hours a day. The joy is to build a business, grow your finances, and also enjoy things you want to enjoy." 

Final Thoughts

The three stages of the day are a great way to improve your productivity as a real estate agent. By breaking down your day into manageable parts, you can ensure that you're getting everything done that you need to.

Give it a try and see how it works for you! You might be surprised at how much more you can get done.


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