5 Steps to Set Up and Promote a Home Seller Workshop

Many homeowners want to sell their homes but don’t know where to start. If you learn to help them achieve their goals, they’ll come to you for expert advice. However, this leaves us with one more question — how will they find you?

While there are several ways to find your audience, one of the most effective approaches is to set up a home seller workshop. Take a look at the five steps to creating and promoting your workshop.

Set a Date

The first step is to pick a day. Find a time of day when you think your target audience will be available to watch or listen to your presentation. Usually, many professionals are busy during the day, so the best time to schedule it is in the early evening, around 7 PM to 8 PM.

Develop a Curriculum

Once the date and time is set, the next step is to create a curriculum. What will you talk about in your workshop?

If you’re new to the industry and not familiar with public speaking on a virtual platform, perhaps you can invite a guest speaker to have conversations with. For this method, the best format is question and answer. The topics you can cover can include top questions sellers are asking right now, like the following:

  • What’s going on in the market?
  • What improvements can I make to increase my home’s value?
  • What do I do with my belongings when I move?
  • How should I stage my home, so it sells fast?
  • Do I need to hold open houses to get potential buyers?

Once you narrow down the topics you want to talk about, you can go to Google and search for the answers. While the information you provide is essential, what matters most is how you deliver it.

Your audience will listen to someone who exudes confidence and expertise, so consider this as you prepare for your workshop. Practice, practice, so you don’t come across as uncertain of yourself. If you don’t trust what you say, your audience won’t, either.

Set up a Home Seller Workshop on Eventbrite

Now that you have the date and the curriculum ready, the next step is to create an event with a good title and develop a sales copy for the event. Make sure to explicitly mention what the main points of your workshop are and what value it will bring to your viewers.

If you have additional offers such as free virtual consultations, special guests, and home price offers, include them to increase your appeal.

Customize the Registration Page

After that, you need to develop a registration page. With Eventbrite, you can customize the page to include the essential details, such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • How did you come across my workshop?
  • Link to the workshop

Once they submit their form, you can collect their information and save it in your database. As the event nears, get in touch with them by either sending an email or texting them. Calling them three times can increase the conversion rate because it will let them know they’re wanted in the event, so they will be more inclined to go.

Reach out to a Wider Audience

If you want to widen your reach and tap a more significant number of people, you can do so in various ways. For instance, you can:

  • Send out an email to your existing database
  • Make a Facebook Ad
  • Send direct mail
  • Use an affiliate program
  • Call people personally

With these steps, you’ll be sure to produce a successful workshop. While these steps serve as a good starting point, be sure to customize them to fit your needs. The more authentic and personalized your pitch is, the more you will grab people’s attention.

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