Don’t Let the Auto Responder Be the Only Responder

“We rely so much on technology; we’re forgetting what’s really most important which is the human-to-human connection”

Real Geeks offers excellent autoresponder technologies. However, the majority of agents are overly reliant on these technologies. Agents usually contact and respond to leads via autoresponder or by texting or emailing.

You'll be surprised at how pleased consumers are if you call them first instead of texting or emailing them.

Consider this: if you call an airline company and a real agent answers your call instead of automated voices, you'll be surprised and surely be pleased. You may brag to your friends and family about how the airline you contacted was answered by a live person.

Consumers took the time to enter their contact information on our website. Agents who call leads first and then send follow-up emails and texts will undoubtedly win over those who rely solely on texts and emails and only call leads as a last resort.

Stop Ignoring the No’s


If an agent sends a workflow to a lead asking if they are still interested in buying properties and receives a negative response such as:

  • No, not interested
  • No, I just purchased
  • No, not this time
  • Many more No’s

Most agents leave it at that and ghost them without congratulating them or apologizing for not being able to help them.

Don't let the NO turn into a missed opportunity; instead, turn it into a postponed opportunity. 

If a consumer has recently purchased, you can ask for a referral. They may also become a seller lead in the future. You can also utilize Advanced Search Filter from Geek Freaks to check on their search activity to see if they're interested in buying again. 

If a lead is not yet interested now, continue to contact them, and wait for them to be ready and interested again.

Always respond to NO and you can still get anything from it.

Stop Prejudging Leads

Don't make assumptions about whether a lead is partial or complete based on missing information such as an email address or phone number.

Always remember that consumers took the time to enter their information on the website to be contacted, no matter how little the information is. Put your best effort and work on every lead as if it were a completely good lead.

“Judge that these are all great leads”

Stop Waiting Until Tomorrow

“Stop delaying, implement today, get things in action today”

In the real estate industry, there's always tomorrow to learn tips, information, and free ideas on the internet on how to achieve more sales. However, if you wait until tomorrow, you'll have yet another idea, which will become your priority, and you'll have to wait till tomorrow to put it into action. 

If you fall behind on the execution of the ideas, it will become overwhelming and difficult to execute properly.

We have at least 60 videos in Real Geeks that you can watch and get ideas from. Don't put it off until tomorrow and implement it today.


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Real Leads by Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective marketing solution for generating, capturing and managing home buyer/seller leads.

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