Stephanie Jones: Doubling Her GCI and Net Profit in 1 Year Using Real Geeks 

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Being in a real estate slump is frustrating. You’re working hard, but your business isn’t where you want it to be.

Stephanie Jones has experienced this firsthand. A real estate broker in Northern Michigan, there was a time that she couldn’t work for three to four months due to the slow market. She realized that if she wanted to stay in business and make a living, she had to make some changes.

That all changed when she decided to start using Real Geeks.

Stephanie has been a Real Geeks user for five years now, and the tool has helped her grow and scale her business in a big way.

Real Geeks is a powerful lead generation and CRM tool that helps real estate agents close more deals. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows agents to generate and nurture leads, create custom websites, and track their business progress.

When Stephanie started using Real Geeks, she saw an instant uptick in her business.

Using an actual CRM like Real Geeks allowed her to keep the little things organized so she could focus on bigger tasks. This greatly impacted her productivity and helped her close more deals.

Since she gets a lot of referrals from her clients, Stephanie has been able to input all of her referral information into the CRM. This allows her to see the referrals she’s gotten and keep track of any referrals she needs to follow up with.

Stephanie has also used the system to create customized reports for each client. This has helped her track their progress and see how they are doing. She can also see which areas she needs to focus on more with each client to help them grow their business.

The Michigan-based real estate broker also mentioned that she is not techy, so the fact that Real Geeks is so user-friendly has been an enormous help. Stephanie said she would recommend the system to any agent looking to grow their business.


Automated email and text notifications have also helped Stephanie follow up with her clients and ensure they are on track.

This year, Stephanie was able to earn $20,000,000 – $40,000,000. Every year, she sees an increase in her business, and she attributes much of her success to Real Geeks.

Her work-life balance has also improved, and she now has more time to enjoy her hobbies and spend time with her family.


If you’re in a real estate slump, don’t give up! Take some tips from Stephanie and see how you can use Real Geeks to help grow your business. With the right tools, you can make anything happen.

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