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Real Geeks vs Tiger Leads by Sarasota Real Estate Broker

I began into the online lead generation arena with a group who used Tiger Leads.  When I started looking for my own solution, I looked at them as well for an IDX solution for my real estate business.  I quickly found that the users of this system are exclusive to one single area.  I was able to speak with a couple of users and discovered the costs were described as “big as a mortgage payment.”   I believe this is due in part to their reliance on pay-per-click for leads.  I knew my long-term objective was not to be stuck paying for leads forever.
The Sarasota Real Estate  market is made up in large part by second home owners and retirees.   A strong internet presence is essential to survive in this market as most buyers begin their search at home up north.   After I considered 11 different popular IDX solutions, and one failed start, I got the keys to my Real Geeks website in November of 2010.  I liked the look and feel of the other Real Geeks sites Jeff had me look at.  I also liked the idea that the developers of this system used their own platform in their own real estate business.  I had what I felt was custom work being done by Jeff and the programmers to accommodate my needs for my website.  Some of the work was tedious and took quite a bit of time.  I know they must have had other customers but it sure didn’t feel like it!
My website started from zero presence on the Internet to generating 867 leads in the first year.  The organic traffic picked up enough that we stopped using PPC for the most part in April.  I am in the process of bringing in agents to handle the surge of leads we have been getting over the past several months.  Yes, we are buried in leads and they just keep coming!
I highly recommend the Real Geeks platform to anyone wanting a generate quality leads.  Don’t just take my word for it, last week one customer commented that “Your website is one of the best out there by the way.”
Written by
Sarasota Real Estate Group


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