Ask Us Anything: Home Valuation, SEO Fast Track & Real Geeks Updates for 2025


Every single month, Real Geeks users get access to an Ask Us Anything (AUA) Coaching Session, where our Senior Trainer, Michael Schmidt and our website's Product Manager Brendan Slade answer their questions live.

Today we break down June's AUA session so that you can also benefit from understanding how the Real Geeks system works and how you can leverage its features to massively grow your real estate business.

Remember that if you're a Real Geeks user and have specific technical questions, we offer free 1:1 Coaching at And if you want business growth coaching, you also have access to our awesome mastermind community and early-bird access to our Keeping it Real podcasts.


Real Geeks' New EstateIQ Feature


This new home valuation tool is an update of our previous home valuation experience, with refreshed UX and streamlined lead capture capabilities.

In this new version, once a user submits the form, they don't just get a home valuation, but they automatically get signed up into a nurturing campaign on your Real Geeks CRM, where they'll start receiving weekly market reports and a monthly home valuation report.

In addition to this new nurturing automation, the UX of the form has been completely upgraded. The user can specify in which condition their house is to get a better estimation, as well as get a report of an estimate of their equity and outstanding loan balance.

And, they also get a direct view of homes sold in the nearby area homes for sale in the nearby area, and active buyers in the area!

This is fantastic, because our research has consistently shown that sending leads nearby property links is THE best way to get them coming back to your website, and keep them engaged.

Talk about user experience. 

As with the previous version of this feature, you can continue customizing your Home Valuation landing page to showcase your brand and optimize for SEO.

This tool has no cost, is available for all devices, and will be automatically updated in your Real Geeks system

In addition to helping you capture seller leads, our team is working on improving this tool to help you capture buyer leads. 

This is how it will work: the lead will be scrolling through properties on your site, and they will be asked if they also own a property. In the event that they do, they'll fill out a form and they'll be automatically subscribed to the regular reports.

The difference is that we will not redirect them to the Home Valuation tool. We'll let them continue looking at properties, but we'll capture their information and send them to your CRM as a potential buyer.


Releases Down the Pipeline



Our team is currently working on Reactive Responses, so that certain user activities trigger a specific response from the Real Geeks system.

For example, if someone views your website three times in the last 24 hours, you can program a specific message to send to those leads in order to engage them.

We're also improving the GeekAI model, our AI response tool that works as an assistant that reaches out and follows up with your leads until they're close to a transaction so that you can take over. 

Finally, we're going to be releasing new search filters so that you can become more efficient at categorizing and organizing your leads. 



We're releasing a complete rebuild of our texting system, making it easier for you to send and receive SMS messages. 

This change comes with other UI improvements, such as the addition of a Dark Mode and design features to make the whole app more intuitive.




As some of you know, we have a new Fast Track tool that allows you to build a complete real estate website within minutes, by simply providing us with the key information you want displayed, as well as the aspects you want highlighted.

Then, we use AI to build out all the pages you need so that your site is easily accessible through search engines. All of these pages are optimized for SEO success, but we want to make their optimization even better.

So our team is currently working on making the SEO functionalities both more robust and easier to navigate.

We're also improving our lead capture forms, and of course, revamping the Home Valuation tool.

Answering Your Questions


Next, Michael and Brendan answered some live user's questions. Remember, you get first-row tickets to these live calls as soon as you become a Real Geeks user.

Q: Does Real Geeks SEO Fast Track work with existing websites?

A: Absolutely! Simply reach out to our support team and they'll set the system up for you. In the meantime, you can compile all the information you want ready to go on your website if it's not there already.

Q: Is signing up with Google coming?

A: Yes – fast Google signup is on our roadmap and coming to you soon.

Q: How can I select multiple leads to apply tags to?

A: You can easily do this by going to your Bulk Actions button at the top right corner of your database, and click on Bulk Update so you can categorize multiple leads at the same time.

However, we do recommend you review your leads frequently and individually, so that you can add more information and make sure that they're set up with the best possible automations and campaigns for them.

Q: Can we add some extra verification tools for phone numbers and emails?

A: This is another update that's coming your way soon, either on Q3 or Q4 of this year, right after we finish the launch of EstateIQ.

Q: When there is a consistent individual source of incoming leads, is there a way to automatically add tags, a workflow, etc?

A: Yes – we are currently working on a new feature that allows you to automatically subscribe someone to a workflow based on specific tags that are assigned to them.

However, automatically, when a lead comes from a specific source you are already able to assign them based on the source.

If you go to your Workflows Library, you can create a new workflow based on the leads' source. For example, this following workflow gets triggered when a lead comes in specifically from Zillow, and you have plenty of other options to select when it comes to sources.


Q: How can I easily scroll through leads to check their activity in a few minutes?

A: The best way to do this is to go to your Leads Menu and click on your Leads List page, you'll be able to filter your leads by "Activity Today" category, where you'll only see the leads who have been active on your website today.

When you click on one of them, you'll be able to review all of the recorded information, and easily scroll through the next one by using the Previous and Next arrows.

Remember, you can also use Custom Filters so you can look for certain activities performed by leads. For example, if you wanted to scroll through the leads who have Saved properties in the last 7 days. 

Q: Can I categorize leads by the city they're searching in?

A: This ties into an exciting update coming really soon. 

If you scroll down the left side of a lead's profile, there's a Search Criteria menu that you can open up. By labeling the city that this lead is searching for, it allows you to identify this information.

In our next update, you'll be able to filter leads out based on the city they're searching for, making categorization and finding of leads that much more efficient.


Q: What is the best way to learn the Real Geeks CRM?

A: There are many things you can do, depending on how you learn best. 

We have an entire library of resources and tutorials on how to use the system, that you can access at any time, whether you want to learn how to have more conversations with your leads, how you can better showcase your brand, or how you can compete against Zillow (and win!).

You can also contact our support team and have a 1:1 call where you'll get all of your technical questions answered by our trainers.

Or, you can simply play around with the CRM and experiment with the different features.

It really comes down to the method of learning that works best for you!


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