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How to List & Sell More Homes During the Holidays

Instead of thinking about how hot or how good this lead is, do some investigating and figure out where they are in the pipeline.

8 Dec 2017

In this video, on a weekly coaching call with his team, Greg Harrelson shares how to List & Sell More Homes During the Holidays.  



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This is a 30-minute clip of our Keeping it Real on Location in Myrtle Beach, SC with Greg and his team. Stay tuned for the release of our full episode. 

During this coaching call, Greg covers: 

- How to use tonality & inflection while communicating with clients
- The importance of listening & asking the right questions 
- Overcoming objections about the seasonality of a market
- Realizing that there is less competition during the holidays
- Motivate buyers and sellers to do business through the holidays
- How to address misconceptions about the market during the holidays
- Understanding who you are selling to – year-round
- How to effectively market to your audience
- Advantages to selling during the holidays
- End of year buyers are some of the highest quality in the marketplace
- Internet searches for real estate SURGE during the holidays
- Identifying the opportunities to capture leads 
- How to control the buyer while putting them under contract, and negotiating the close after the holidays
- Market research about real estate seasonal trends 
- The importance of educating the consumer
- How to serve the consumer RATHER than sell the consumer
- How to deliver value to your clients
- How to take action and finish the calendar year off strong 

We’d to thank Greg Harrelson, owner of C21 The Harrelson Group for allowing us to visit his office and shadow his team as they show us exactly how they generate business year after year!

Keeping it Real on Location are hosted and presented by our very own Jeff Manson, founder of Real Geeks and Hawaiian real estate broker of American Dream Realty.

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