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Greg Harrelson: Myrtle Beach, SC | Keeping It Real On Location 04

Instead of thinking about how hot or how good this lead is, do some investigating and figure out where they are in the pipeline.

26 Dec 2017

We travel to Myrtle Beach, SC and catch Greg Harrelson coaching his team as they set appointments and take listings over the phone LIVE! Greg dives deep into how he trains his agents to do 80+ transactions in just one to three years in the business. Learn the process and systems that Greg and his team implement to close 2400 transactions in 2017




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Here are some timestamps to help you navigate to the section that will help you the most:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:25 Episode begins 
00:02:18 Greg’s discusses his journey 
00:03:12 Early prospecting
00:05:00 Early listing Agent - qualify buyers
00:08:00 Early coaching with Mike Ferry 
00:09:20 Coach, transform, and empower others to be successful 
00:09:53 Current office and market
00:10:53 “I feel like I’m a team”
00:11:45 What does a team do? 
00:12:30 Production
00:13:15 Total number of transactions
00:14:36 Listing coordination team 
00:16:00 Closing coordination team 
00:18:10 Agents can invest more time in generating business 
00:19:10 What tools do you use? 
00:20:05 Leadership style 
00:22:00 Return on Investment < Return on Time
00:22:20 Daily schedule
00:23:35 Rituals and schedules
00:24:55 KJ sets an appointment (database call)
00:27:09 Greg interviews sales agent, KJ Jordan
00:38:00 Kevin sets an appointment (expired listing)
00:44:00 Greg interviews sales agent, Kevin Mills
00:51:50 Brendon sets an appointment (expired listing)
00:59:05 Greg interviews listing agent & business partner, Brendon Payne
01:06:52 Mitch prospecting (database call)
01:07:28 Greg interviews sales agent, Mitch Gainforth
01:16:13 Lori follow up call (buyer)
01:17:08 Greg interviews buyer’s agent, Lori Sorensen
01:23:58 Lori sets an appointment (buyer)
01:27:30 Greg interviews buyer’s agent, Lori Widner
01:34:34 Greg interviews listing agent & business partner, Jan Pitman
01:44:10 Greg coaches sales agent, Brian Yager
01:46:12 Greg explains how he develops talent on his team 
01:48:15 Weekly conference call - Greg coaches team on how to generate business through the holidays 
02:08:00 Research and statistics about home sales throughout the year
02:19:00 Greg explains how he hosts boot camps 
02:20:00 The importance of recognizing talent on your team and leveraging it 
02:20:41 Role-play and the importance of internalizing scripts
02:21:47 Greg role-plays with his team 
02:22:05 Role-play “When do you plan on selling?” 
02:26:02 Role-play “How to set a listing appointment”
02:29:00 Greg introduces us to his staff 
02:30:15 Greg interviews head of web assets/InfusionSoft, Sarah Hughes
02:33:17 Greg interviews marketing director, Lindsay Colbert
02:39:55 Greg interviews graphic designer, Daniel Little
02:44:10 Greg interviews president of operations, Tammy Juergen
02:48:48 Greg interviews executive assistant, Stacey Weaver
02:50:55 Closing remarks

We'd like to thank Greg and his team for allowing us to come hang out with them. If you would like to reach out to Greg with a referral in the Myrtle Beach area you can go to his website:

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