Expanding Into More Markets w/ Bob McCranie

Expanding Into More Markets w/ Bob McCranie

On the latest episode of our Keeping It Real podcast, we welcome back Bob McCranie. Bob is A DFW-based broker and Tom Ferry coach expanding his business across Texas and Louisiana.

Bob shares his plans for his expanding business model, how his business has grown, and how he is tying these new markets into his existing infrastructure.

If you have been curious about expanding your business into even more markets, you won’t want to miss this.

The digital age has changed the real estate industry. If you’re planning on expanding into more markets, you need to utilize online resources wisely.

Bob McCranie, SEO expert and the owner of Texas Pride Realty Group, shares his experience and knowledge on how you can stay ahead of the competition and extend your site’s reach. Read on to discover Bob’s seven tips on how you can expand into more markets.

Unfold Your IDX Website

Many real estate brokers and associates only advertise the cities they work in on their internet data exchange (IDX) websites. This is not ideal since it opens you to potential equal housing opportunity lawsuits. Moreover, promoting only select cities limits your site’s coverage.

Hence, advertise the places you don’t directly work in, too. To keep things organized, create links for each type of property within these cities. If you want convenience, you can likewise refer these cities out to other agents and make mailbox money.

Build Pages With a Narrow Focus

Each web page should have a narrow focus. If you’re operating in the Twin Cities, build a separate page for Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Moreover, if your area of focus has multiple suburbs, you can make secondary pages for those suburbs instead of cramming everything into one post or section.

That way, your pages will be cohesive, and search engines will easily determine where to put the pages you make in the search list.

Strategically Buy URLs

Don’t be afraid to buy uniform resource locators (URLs) to expand your market. Even if they don’t immediately generate traffic, you can still have them operate in the background and wait for them to gain traction. Buying URLs likewise means that your competitors will have fewer promotional platforms to use.

Furthermore, Google’s algorithms look at the domain age when ranking sites. Hence, linking your WordPress site to established URLs can bolster your site’s authority and improve its overall search ranking.

Answer Unattended Queries

Aside from providing better answers to popular questions, you should also give attention to unheeded inquiries. Begin by researching and formulating questions that property buyers and investors may ask. Use keywords that they are likely to use as well.

Type the queries in different search engines. If the results turn up empty or are limited, create a page that provides a complete and accurate response. These pages will help you gain a stronghold in still uncontested waters and extend site coverage.

Constantly Improve Your Website

Some people think that a website is done once they build the foundation and post some content. However, your website is never truly completed. It should continuously evolve and adapt to changing real estate industry trends.

Hence, you should constantly test and release new ideas and see how it contributes to lead generation. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. After all, an unremarkable web page does not cost too much money, manpower, or internet space. Moreover, even if it flunks, it’s unlikely to damage your site’s reputation since there won’t be enough people who have viewed it anyway.

Use Multiple Advertisement Platforms

It’s not wise to put all your eggs into one advertisement basket. Currently, brokerage firms and agencies are laser-focused on Google searches and ads. While there is nothing inherently wrong with Google’s system, unexpected events and issues can still arise.

For instance, what will happen if Google encounters the same advertisement problem Facebook faced when it had a dispute with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)? To get more peace of mind and acquire a wider reach, consider using other platforms like Microsoft’s Bing search engine as well.

Choose Partners With Skills You Lack

Getting the right people is just as important as choosing the right online platforms. When selecting partners and employees, choose those that have the skills you lack.

For instance, if you’re good at the creative aspect of the business, look for someone who is proficient at the execution side. That way, you balance each other out and develop a more productive system. For added convenience and flexibility, you can also select real estate agents with licenses in areas you still don’t have access to.

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2022 has been a wild year! Join us as we discuss their highs and lows, hear how they adjusted their business with the shift in the market, and compare notes on plans for next year.


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