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Real Geeks Review: Sascha Chatman of Chatman Realty Group

We sat down with Sascha Chatman of Chatman Realty Group to learn how he maximizes the Real Geeks platform and closes deals in the DFW metroplex.

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Sascha Chatman of Chatman Realty Group

This Real Geeks review is from Sascha Chatman of Chatman Realty Group, which EXP Realty powers and brokers. They have been users since 2017, reporting that Real Geeks is the core of their entire system. Here’s what Sascha says about why they’ve been using the platform for so long.

Real Geeks Was Everything Sascha Looked for as a Solo Agent

Sascha said he wanted to find the right CRM/website combination solution that he could use as a solo agent. He went through about five different CRMs. He was specifically looking for a website that he could customize the way he wanted to run his business. That way, he could showcase his personality and highlight his future team.

He also wanted his website to rank, but nobody could measure up to Sascha’s expectations. Moreover, he wanted to have his own system. With Real Geeks, he can customize the system, database, emails, and website according to his preferences. That way, he can work and hold his team accountable.

Efficient Tagging System

Sascha mentioned the Real Geeks tagging system as one of his favorite features. He can tag all of their buyers and instantly know what kind of home they are looking for. His team also uses the system to learn about client timelines, so they can tag their buyers using their schedule.

That feature helps with plan creation. Suppose you have a lead that wants to lease a property but will only be out in September 2023. With Real Geeks, you can work backward and account for pre-approval months.

Sascha’s team uses this feature to stay in front of the lead, ensuring that they don’t lose them. It also helps them feed clients the Chatman Realty Group’s content.

Securing Leads Easily

Sascha compared his experience with other lead-generating methods. He mentioned trying Zillow and, specifically. However, using them no longer became sustainable once they became expensive.

When he discovered Real Geeks leads, he enjoyed the phenomenal rate at which he ran Facebook ads and Google PPC ads. Real Geeks created the ads, and all his agents could target specific areas easily.

Essentially, he scalded his business up and brought on agents to work on the leads his team has been getting. However, the volume of leads he’s been getting has become overwhelming, and they had to back down on a few.

Robin: Real Geeks AI

One Real Geeks feature that relates to Sascha’s situation of large lead volumes is Robin. Our real estate artificial intelligence solution connects with leads to maintain connections with leads, which Sascha said was sometimes even better than an agent’s performance.

Robin can set buyer consultations for Sascha’s team. All he has to do is review the message trail with the lead and confirm their availability on whatever schedule they agreed on with the AI. This feature was especially helpful for Sascha’s small team which was getting a disproportionately large volume of leads through our system.

Final Words

Sascha Chatman’s Real Geeks review highlights the efficiency that the platform offers clients while giving them the freedom to customize it according to their preferences and unique workflows. In addition, he highlighted the Geeks AI feature that supported his small team and allowed them to keep up with the influx of leads they got through Real Geeks.

Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective lead generation and conversion solution for cultivating, capturing, and managing leads at any stage of the home buying or selling process.


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