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Real Geeks Review: Rachelle Willhite with Best Choice Realty

We sat down with Rachelle Willhite of Best Choice Realty to learn how she maximizes the Real Geeks platform and her experiences with closing deals in the Pacific Northwest.

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Rachelle's Experience With Real Geeks

Since the company started many years ago, Real Geeks has helped many businesses grow their real estate services. Rachel Willhite has shared a Real Geeks review that details her experience with the program and its capabilities. Keep reading and see how Rachelle has taken advantage of all the features and tools of the program. 

How It All Started

Rachelle is the founder of Best Choice Realty, one of the most trusted independent real estate companies in the Pacific Northwest. She started using Real Geeks right at the beginning of her company in 2012. Together with her husband, she was looking for an online provider that could gather their customer’s data. Real Geeks was there to provide what Rachelle needed.

What attracted her initially to Real Geeks was the program’s email deliverability. It had a portal connection point with internet data exchange and the local MLS. This feature allowed the company to showcase the “pretty pictures” to clients in an easy manner. Their competitors weren’t able to display the same data as Best Choice Realty did, which resulted in the latter’s growth. 

The Present Time

Today, Best Choice Realty has expanded and now employs 425 brokers and runs eight offices all over the region. Rachelle still trusts in Real Geeks since it allowed her team to connect to websites and landing pages. The program also helped individuals go ahead and make adjustments to their business model. At some point, these agents want their own website, and Real Geeks becomes a great provider of the tools they need.

Leveraging Real Leads

Real Leads is another product from Real Geeks that Rachelle has used time and time again for her business. Getting leads is difficult because the market is saturated and hypercompetitive. Thankfully, Real Leads was able to position Rachelle properly, so when people search for terms like “Seattle homes for sale,” her website appears, and she gains more leads. 

To Rachelle, it’s super important to be able to have a system that you can go to every day without fail when it comes to converting online leads. She loves how Real Leads is connected to her mobile phone, allowing her to communicate with clients on a regular, scheduled, and  automated basis. However, communication is still personalized.

Easy-to-Learn System

Another advantage that Rachelle loved about the program is that it has the ability to be simple, so an agent or a broker trying to improve their business can simply jump right in and learn the system. There are informative training tutorials available, and it’s not going to take months to learn the lessons. 

A Program That Does the Work for You

For those who want to try Real Leads, Rachelle recommends that you build a good foundation first on the Real Geeks ecosystem before trying the more specific tool. Once you know how Real Leads works, you can make it do the heavy lifting for you, taking on matters like pay-per-click, locating zip codes, etc. That way, you can focus on making your business go in the right direction.


Try the Program and See the Difference

Intrigued by Rachelle’s story? Try the Real Geeks system today and watch your real estate company reach new heights! 

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