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Real Geeks Review: Marite Matassa of Pinnacle | of LA County

We sat down with Marite Matassa of Pinnacle | to learn how she utilizes the Real Geeks & Real Leads platforms to close deals throughout LA County.

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Marite Matassa of Pinnacle | of LA County

Are you looking for a way to balance your job as a real estate agent and as a parent? Do you want to help your small team become more efficient? If so, Real Geeks might be the real estate software solution company for you. Since 2007, we have been helping realtors incorporate innovative solutions and modern technology into their business processes.

One of our clients, Marite Matassa, has seen first-hand the quality and effectiveness of the services we offer. Read on to know more about Marite, her business process, and how Real Geeks has helped as a professional realtor.

Meet Marite

Marite is a real estate agent for Pinnacle Estate Properties. Founded in 1985, this company has over one thousand agents and 14 offices in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. It also runs an escrow division and is affiliated with leading title and lending companies. Throughout the years, Pinnacle and its agents were able to guide thousands of homebuyers through the real estate process and helped them find their dream homes.

With 14 years of experience as a real estate agent, Marite is skilled in dealing with first-time home buyers, luxury sales and purchases, investments, short sales, and senior citizen relocation. She is also adept at negotiating closely and directly with financial institutions like banks. 

However, she acknowledges that finding a balance between being a working mom and a real estate agent can sometimes be challenging. That’s why she highly recommends Real Geeks and the Real Leads program as these allow her to spend more time with her son while also helping her business grow.

The Three-Step Process

Marite and her team follow a three-step process to source hot leads and prospective clients. First, Real Geeks generates hundreds of leads for them. These leads then go to Conversion Monster, which is a company specializing in qualifying, nurturing, and converting inbound leads.

Lastly, Conversion Monster informs Marite where the leads are in the home search and home sales process. This helps her and her team determine if the prospective homebuyers or sellers are ready to talk and transact. It also gives them essential information on how to guide these potential clients through the entire process.

Customizable Website

Real Geeks provide the best IDX real estate websites for realtors. Moreover, the company allows its users to customize the interface theme and layout. Marite loves the color pink, so having the ability to give her Real Geeks website a pink hue is a great feature for her. It not only makes her platform look more elegant but also inspires her to be more productive.

Lead Generation

Marite’s real estate services cover two valleys within Los Angeles County. Real Geeks and Real Leads allow her to source leads in these areas efficiently and conveniently. Real Geeks regularly sends her and her team quality leads. Moreover, the company helps generate more traffic and traction to her site. These enabled her to find and close more deals, especially during the previous year.

Drip Campaign

Aside from being a lead source, Real Geeks also offer excellent customer relationship management (CRM) services. Marite only has a small team, so Real Geek’s customizable drip marketing campaign was particularly useful. It made it easy for her to guide clients through the entire escrow process, whether they were on the buying or selling side. 

The emails the clients receive through the drip campaign likewise inform them about contingency periods, time frames, and other important matters to expect. 

Final Thoughts

Marite highly recommends Real Geeks to other realtors who have a small team or want to scale up their business. If you want to get a glimpse of what Real Geeks has to offer, go to our website and get a free demo.

Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective lead generation and conversion solution for cultivating, capturing, and managing leads at any stage of the home buying or selling process.


Drive traffic, capture leads, nurture opportunities, and close more transactions with a robust CRM, fully integrated custom IDX website, and marketing solutions for agents and teams of any size.


Real Geeks is one of the best lead generation and management platforms available, but don't just take our word for it – hear from customers loving their experience with Real Geeks →


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