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Real Geeks Review: Lindsay Colbert from The Harrelson Group

We sat down with Lindsay Colbert from The Harrelson Group to learn how she helps her agents utilize the platform to close deals throughout Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Real Geeks Review: Lindsay Colbert from The Harrelson Group


The Wonder Woman of the Harrelson Group

Lindsay Colbert started working for Greg Harrelson in 2016, and from the get go, she was introduced to the Real Geeks platform.

It didn't take long for Greg to realize Lindsay was the perfect person to take over the operation. She became the liaison between Greg and the Real Geeks system, managing all of his websites, and onboarding every new agent into the platform.

She oversees the entire process: from ensuring they have the correct email signatures, templates, and integrations, to building their websites with the right bios and headshots, to being able to add leads manually to the system.

But that's not all. To really set them up for success, Lindsay teaches new realtors how to work the platform to build relationships and close deals. 

This involves everything there is to know about Workflows, System Statuses, and Advanced Search Filters.


Raising Database Geniuses

Real Geeks is so integrated into the activities of the Harrelson Group that each feature is covered in a different part of the onboarding process for new hires.

In other words, Lindsay is raising real estate database geniuses.

For example, she makes sure that a new realtor learns the fundamental concepts of Statuses and Urgencies first.

"If they get that concept from the beginning," she says, "it's going to help them in the long term, when they have hundreds of leads in their database."

The next step is teaching realtors about the Advanced Search and the Supersave Search.

This allows them to narrow down searches with specifics, such as:

  • particular communities
  • whether a property has an ocean front or not
  • different ranges of HOA fees
  • whether there are pets allowed
  • whether there are motorcycles allowed

This means that agents can present potential buyers with the properties that have everything they're looking for, as soon as they hit the market. 

Once an agent learns these concepts, depending on the type and amount of work they're doing, they might need some specific knowledge about the Real Geeks platform.


Achieving Real Estate Workflows Mastery

Besides mentoring new agents to become exceptionally skilled in the art of the CRM, Lindsay supports them on their journey.

One way she does this is by developing high-converting workflows inside Real Geeks, for all realtors to use.

Lindsay's workflows are generally drip campaigns, and combine both text and emails.

"They're like an ISA that works in the background for agents," as she puts it.
So if the agent can't reach a lead by phone (which as you know if you've watched any of Greg's coaching calls, is the preferred channel of the Harrelson Group), they'll kick off one of these workflows to continue building that relationship.

On the flip side, when it comes to a lead with whom the agent needs to stay in touch with (whether because they're not ready for a transaction or they've just finished a transaction), agents will use a long-term, value-driven workflow that keeps them engaged.


Lindsay's Trusted Sidekick

As you can see, Real Geeks is at the core of Harrelson Group's operations, and for good reason.

They get so many leads from the platform that oftentimes, agents will decide not to work in a particular area. Instead, they'll put a new lead into what Lindsay calls the 'fishing pond', allowing a different agent from the Harrelson Group to handle it. 

Besides being literally overflowing with leads, one of Lindsay's favorite things about Real Geeks is the Buyer List.

If a client is listing a home for $400K, an agent can use the filters to know exactly how many buyers in their database are looking for the exact characteristics of that home. 

"This means that on a listing appointment, you're able to show the client all of these buyers you have on your database, and that you can call them right now," says Lindsay. 

It's hard to have a bad listing appointment when you've got such a powerful sidekick!

From not knowing anything about the real estate business to building 13 real estate websites and managing over 300 realtors, Lindsay's journey has been impressive to say the least. 

And we're proud to say, Real Geeks has been with this Wonder Woman in every step of the way.


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