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Real Geeks Review: Jeff Quintin of KW Quintin Group of Ocean City, New Jersey

We sat down with Jeff Quintin of KW Quintin Group to learn how he utilizes the Real Geeks platform to close deals throughout Ocean City, New Jersey.

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Jeff Quintin of KW Quintin Group of Ocean City, New Jersey

This is Jeff Quintin of KW Quintin Group in Ocean City, New Jersey. I’ve been in the real estate business since 1992 and have witnessed how the demands in the industry changed over the decades. Here’s my Real Geeks review to give you an idea of how it can help improve your operations as it did for my team.

Overview of KW Quintin Group

Our team is small, with about seven or eight salespeople and around four or five different admin members. In 2021, we closed about 200 transactions at $120 million. In my career, I’ve sold over 5,000 homes working in a small, primarily resort secondary investment market, making over a billion in sales.

We focus on this market because we recognize how people love the shore. Ocean City is known as America’s Family Resource, being a family-oriented town and a generally safe environment. It has a boardwalk and several beaches, making it a great place for every member to relax and enjoy.

Our History With Real Geeks

We used to have a Boomtown site before using Real Geeks. It was expensive and had a clunky design. When we saw the Real Geeks platform, we were immediately on board. It was just much friendlier than what we were using.

My agents liked it better as well. Setting up searches was much simpler, and it had built-in filters that understood what people were doing on our site at any time. Pretty much all its features simplified what we were struggling with beforehand.

Later on, we found a new platform that came along. Since we already had AI and other technology on-hand, we easily migrated our data over to the new service, convincing ourselves that the new toy was much better.

While it worked well for our team for about a year, we discovered that what we spent on this new platform was about twice or thrice what we spent on Real Geeks, so we went back and have been with them ever since.

What We Love About Real Geeks

The buyers list instantly comes to mind. It’s one of the most powerful tools that I like using and granting access to my agents. This feature makes it easy to look at listing appointments. Anyone using it can see how much a property value will be and we can access it anytime.

For instance, suppose a seller asks any of us whether they have buyers for their property. I can search the buyers list right in front of them and show how many people meet the criteria the seller put and which potential buyers meet their set price point.

Should that seller hire us, we can notify them immediately about their home hitting the market. The feature updates in real-time, so we will know how many buyers have been looking at certain properties within the past hour and identify who matches any criteria, making it easier to close.

Final Words

Real Geeks is a simple way to enter the real estate business, even for solo agents. You get all your data in one place and the platform optimizes it to drive leads. Since you see what your team is already doing, you can easily scale your business at a reasonable cost. As someone in the industry for decades, I’m confident in saying that Real Geeks provides the most for the least.

Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective lead generation and conversion solution for cultivating, capturing, and managing leads at any stage of the home buying or selling process.


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