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Real Geeks Review: Iesha Larkpor

We sat down with Iesha Larkpor, managing broker of Thunder Team Realty to learn how she utilizes the Real Geeks platform to close deals throughout Oklahoma City.

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Iesha Larkpor - Thunder Team Realty


We sat down with Iesha Larkpor, owner of Thunder Team Realty to learn how she utilizes the Real Geeks platform to close deals throughout Oklahoma City.

From Solo Agent to Boutique Brokerage

Oklahoma City is experiencing a massive influx of people moving in, and as a solo agent, Iesha did not want to miss out. 

She decided to start her brokerage in 2014 after having been licensed since 2009. 

For Iesha, being a one-woman show meant that tools played a key role in her operation. BoomTown, Salesforce, Hubspot - you name it. Iesha has worked with them all, and she has integrated several tools to work at the same time.

But when she decided to grow her team, she needed something more robust to serve her clients at a higher level.

"I had demos with every single CRM in the market. And I had a checklist of things that I needed for my team." 

Some of the capabilities she was looking for were:

  • a great customer relationship management tool
  • an intuitive note-taker during calls
  • the ability to automate certain actions, like being able to send postcards
  • sophisticated and customizable email workflows

That's what attracted her to RealGeeks. "It was a one-stop shop for us".

Gone were the days of having 10 different plugins for each of her team's needs.

One System to Rule Them All

"We've closed over 100 transactions because of the Real Geeks system." Iesha says.

Her favorite capabilities of the platform are the ability for agents to easily log in and take notes that the ISA can use to follow up with leads, who then can be reassigned to the right agent.

All of the features in the system work in unison, so everyone in the team knows what they should be doing at all times, and technology takes care of the rest.

And as Iesha points out, this works great in mobile, too. As she puts it, "agents can update their leads through their phone while they're on the go."

Keeping up with the theme of automating the tech side of things and allowing agents to focus on what they do best, Thunder Team Realty has really benefited from the email templates that come with the system.

"If you don't know what to say, or you don't know how to craft the initial email, you can just go into the RealGeeks library and just tweak the template you want."

The Most Effective & Affordable Lead Provider

Real Leads - RealGeek's lead generation tool - is at the core of Thunder Team's operations.

"It's the most affordable advertising platform for agents", she says. 

And in line with the whole suite of products in the RealGeeks universe, it's an all-in-one solution.

Iesha's excitement shines through when she talks about it: "I don't have to be an IT person to figure out how to run Facebook Ads!"

She and her team can focus on what they do best: selling properties.

As a seasoned agent who's used several lead sources in the past, Iesha shares that Real Leads has generated more leads for her team than any other provider.

An Integrated System

Iesha knows that generating leads is only half of the equation.

As she's more than aware of by now, internet leads are not ready for a transaction right away. So it's crucial for the Thunder team to have an integrated system that continues to engage with leads and move them forward along their buyer's journey.

"Workflows, email campaigns, auto-text messages, even the new A.I. capabilities of RealGeeks have helped us convert leads years after they've entered our database!"

We know that sometimes turn-key products end up in a "master of none" situation by not focusing on one single solution. The reason it hasn't been the case for RealGeeks is because the agent is at the forefront of our system.

Every feature is created with an explicit purpose, and is built to work seamlessly with the rest of the platform.

As someone who's worked with 9 different CRMs in the past, Iesha agrees:

"Real Geeks is the system we've used the most, we've had the longest, and it has the best price."

Part of the reason for this statement probably comes down to Iesha's most recent favorite feature of the system: a powerful A.I. integration.

Unleashing the Power of A.I.

Perhaps one of Iesha's favorite features of RealGeeks is the GeekAI assistant.

Robin is RealGeek's A.I. system that texts the customers that visit your website to gather more information about the lead, offer simple solutions, and connect them to your team depending on where they are in the buyer's journey.

This feature is based on one of the most important real estate concepts: Speed to Lead.


The lead is contacted immediately, and once the system detects they are ready for human assistance, your agents get an automatic email connecting them with the lead so they can follow up. 

And of course, all the lead information gathered by Robin is automatically updated in your backend.

As Iesha puts it, "it's like having an extra person calling and qualifying leads for us"

Find out more about GeekAI here.


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