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Real Geeks Reviews: Dale Archdekin of Keller Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We sat down with Dale Archdekin of Keller Williams to learn how he utilizes Real Leads to close deals throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Real Geeks Reviews: Dale Archdekin of Keller Williams Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My name is Dale Archdekin of Keller Williams Philadelphia, PA. I have been licensed since 2008, selling real estate with my wife. We eventually wanted to grow our business by getting into the online lead generation game, starting with PPC. I’m offering my Real Geeks review to help aspiring agents see how this intuitive platform can improve their operations.

How I Started With Real Geeks

In the beginning, I went with a website provider that Coldwell Banker promoted. The site was clunky and I was paying them to generate leads through pay-per-click, but it wasn’t working very well for our market.

Philly neighborhoods are polarizing. You can have a million-dollar property just one block away from a neighborhood that you don’t want to drive through in the daytime. The ads that my first provider was running could have captured terrible leads, so I ended up trying to run my own PPC.

I discovered Real Geeks and thought it was a great product. I started a website immediately and it was instantly much better than what I started with. It was intuitive and easy to use. 

As an agent with limited time, squeezing in time for lead generation was challenging. With Real Geeks, I had a platform that generated quality leads and I still had time to go to appointments, follow up with people, negotiate with clients, and deal with problematic inspections.

How Real Geeks Helped Us

Real Geeks helped me become the director of lead generation once we joined another team that had five agents. These five agents worked in one market and eventually grew into 35 agents across five different markets.

I used the platform to build the expansion teams and run leads in their markets. As the director of leads, I worked from Philadelphia, generating and closing business for agents elsewhere. For example, I could manage an agent’s website even if they were in Miami.

With Real Geeks, I got to implement automation for emails and text and I only had to edit the content to make sense for my local market. About 20% of my content was about business while the rest read like what you would get from a friend.

What We Love About Real Geeks

One of my favorite things to come out of using Real Geeks is the many stories where we converted leads successfully. Real Geeks got us leads that incubated in our system. These leads didn’t contact us or respond to anything we sent, but about three or four years later, we got emails from them saying they loved everything we’ve been sending to them and are interested in certain properties. The authentic automation we set up truly came in handy.

Final Words

Real Geeks is an excellent automation tool that real estate agents can use as an all-in-one platform to run their operations. It works hand-in-hand with upfront calls and texts by letting you know which leads are the hottest based on the data your platform gathers. Real Geeks surprised us with how it converted quiet leads into sales and we’re sure it’d work the same for others.


Real Leads by Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective marketing solution for generating, capturing and managing home buyer/seller leads.

One of the best lead generation and management systems available. A fully integrated custom IDX and marketing solution to drive traffic, capture leads, manage-cultivate them and close more transactions.


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