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Real Geeks Review: Christopher Gibson, Owner of | Gibson Home Loans, Colorado Springs

We sat down with Christopher Gibson Owner of | Gibson Home Loans, to learn how he utilizes the Real Geeks platform & Real Leads to close deals throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Christopher Gibson, Owner of | Gibson Home Loans, Colorado Springs

Christopher Gibson is the owner of, Gibson Home Loans in Colorado Springs. He has been in real estate for about 12 years and has been running his website for over 10 years.

Throughout his career, Gibson heard a lot about Real Geeks. He decided to visit our website and submit a capture form. Here are his thoughts on the platform and his experience on getting started.

Immediate Assistance

When Gibson decided to reach out to Real Geeks, he was surprised to get started immediately. He submitted a capture form on a Saturday morning, expecting to get a call from our team on the following Monday. However, he got a call from the owner that same morning on a Saturday.

What Feature Made Christopher Gibson Choose Real Geeks?

The immediate connection and bond with the Real Geeks owner over similar goals were enough to get Gibson started on his Real Geeks journey. However, Gibson claimed to be particularly excited about being able to generate more search engine optimization through blogs and content pages. This feature was what pushed him to proceed with integrating Real Geeks into his operations.

How Did Christopher Gibson Benefit From Real Geeks?

Gibson cited the Real Geeks CRM as the main benefit he got from the platform. He uses the CRM primarily for his sphere of influence. Thus, he heavily subscribed to the 36-touch idea where he would stay in touch with his clients in his database easily through Real Geeks.

He wanted newsletters and market reports to go to his sphere of influence every month, which Real Geeks readily provided. He mentioned that being able to fulfill these needs was probably his favorite feature.

Christopher Gibson’s Thoughts on Real Leads

Gibson began using Real Leads (the leads he would obtain through Real Geeks) when he started his website. He was paying for Zillow leads for a while until he determined that they were too expensive for his operations.

He loved how Real Geeks and Real Leads were working with his existing site. In addition, they did not charge more to integrate into his current system. Moreover, he highlighted how working with Real Geeks was half and half.

Half is about the management of ads and the other half is what he was paying for the Google leads through Real Geeks. He said that anyone who incorporates Real Geeks must have a follow-up plan and remember the long game for this half-and-half approach to work.

Gibson’s Disclaimer About Real Leads

Gibson maintained that a lot of the Real Leads he obtained were not ready-to-go leads. Instead, a lot of them were ready to go within a year. Thus, you had to establish a relationship. In addition, you must remember not to just go for them as a client. You need to also think about going for them as a referral source. That was where you could capitalize on leads.

Gibson’s Experience With Year-From-Now Ready-To-Go Leads

Christopher Gibson mentioned that he nurtured one of his Real Leads for four years. He showed them houses intermittently through that time. Over time, the lead did not seem like just a lead anymore. They could have been a friend or family because of all the time they spent communicating through the Real Geeks database.

Final Words

Christopher Gibson is transitioning to lending and the Real Geeks CRM has been extremely helpful. His favorite features fit into his existing system and he even refers it to other agents, highlighting the platform’s efficiency and effectiveness for business.

Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective lead generation and conversion solution for cultivating, capturing, and managing leads at any stage of the home buying or selling process.


Drive traffic, capture leads, nurture opportunities, and close more transactions with a robust CRM, fully integrated custom IDX website, and marketing solutions for agents and teams of any size.


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