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Real Geeks Review: Bryce Hansen of Bryce Hansen Realty

We sat down with Bryce Hansen, head of the Bryce Hansen Realty team to learn how he utilizes the Real Geeks platform to close deals throughout Comox Valley, British Columbia.

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The Snow Paradise

Bryce is a third generation real estate agent, so his priorities were set from the start:

Build a business that works on autopilot so he can enjoy himself in the winter paradise that is Comox Valley.

And this reflects the reason why his customers move to Comox.
A beautiful mountain range, plenty of skiing and cross-country skiing opportunities, and complete tranquility.

"A little piece of paradise" as Bryce puts it.

But building an automated realtor business proved to be harder than he expected.

Before: Losing A Fortune

At the beginning, Bryce couldn't catch a break.

He was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with a different website provider, but the leads were just not coming through.

Meanwhile, one of his friends who also got into the business was drowning in deals after only one year.

"How the heck are you getting so much business?" Bryce asked.

And the rest is history. 

Bryce's friend had more leads than he knew what to do with, so he was happy to share the secret to his success.

He connected Bryce to the RealGeeks team, and in a matter of weeks, he had a brand new website running.

From that point on, it was only upside.

Now: Top Realtors in Western Canada

Since starting with RealGeeks, Bryce's team has become one of the top 3 teams on Vancouver Island.

They're the #1 team in Comox Valley.

And within the RE/MAX list of Western Canada, they're consistently in the top 15. Because of the high-quality organic lead generation, Bryce's team is able to sell 120 houses a year, without him having to move a finger.

"I treat [RealGeeks] like a hose amplifier" he says, "If the volume's at 1 or 2, I can leave it there or I can crank it up to the point where my agents are swimming in leads."

The only thing missing from that equation was a way to get himself out of it, so that he could spend most of his time enjoying the wonders of Comox Valley.

That's where a powerful integration saved the day.

Bryce's Favorite Real Geeks Feature

Bryce's dream of building a successful business had become a reality since starting with Real Geeks. 

But now it was time to make the whole thing run on autopilot.

Alongside the powerful CRM, he needed a way to record phone calls and see every message that was coming in and out in real-time.

So he turned to the Real Geeks + Follow Up Boss integration.

With that in place, Bryce could go home, leave his hose amplifier on his preferred volume, and just for a couple of hours listen to the conversations his team was having to provide some actionable feedback.

As for the rest of the day? 

Well, one of Bryce's favorite hobbies is hockey. He's part of the RE/MAX hockey team, and most of his teammates are also leaders of their real estate agencies.

Guess what they continue to ask Bryce every time they play a game.

"How the heck are you getting so much business?"

And just like his friend before him, he's happy to share his secret.

"I'm proud to tell people I'm a Real Geeks customer. Because the website will work great if you work it."

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