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Real Geeks Review: Bryan Yaninek of Guaranteed Rate, Colorado Springs, Colorado

We sat down with Bryan Yaninek, Branch Manager of Guaranteed Rate, to learn how he utilizes the Real Geeks platform to close deals throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Bryan Yaninek of Guaranteed Rate, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Are you a real estate agent seeking to generate more business? With the U.S. having around three million active real estate licensees, competition in the industry can be tough. To be successful, you need to incorporate innovative solutions and modern technology into your operations. Reel Geeks offers simple yet intuitive software that can help you gain an edge.

Since 2007, we have been helping real estate agents find more leads and close more deals. One of our clients is Bryan Yaninek of Guaranteed Rate. Read on to learn more about Bryan’s professional career, his real estate mortgage process, and how Real Geeks has helped him thrive in the real estate industry.

Meet Bryan

Bryan is a branch manager of Guaranteed Rate. It’s a residential mortgage company that helps home buyers get low-cost home purchases, refinanced mortgages, and fast closings. The company likewise offers both fixed and adjustable loan purchase rates and home-renovation loans.

With 28 years of experience in mortgages, Bryan has made the loan application of many Guaranteed Rate, Colorado Springs borrowers more convenient and streamlined. He likewise takes pride in sharing his industry knowledge with both first-time and seasoned homebuyers.

Nevertheless, Bryan acknowledges how much technology has progressed and transformed the real estate landscape. Prior to the advent of the internet and other digital solutions, mortgage officers like him and customers got acquainted primarily through referrals.

Today, everyone can easily find a mortgage calculator or loan officer through online searching. However, instead of basing their choice on word-of-mouth advertisements and referrals, borrowers now select a mortgage advisor based on search engine rankings, lead count, and Google stars.

Bryan’s Team and Process

For the past 10 years, Bryan has been working with a local real estate team in Colorado. All members are dedicated and well-versed in customer relationship management (CRM). They check their phone calls and do their dialers daily. Moreover, they spend around two hours every day going through their databases and looking for hot leads.

Once a hot lead is identified, they will automatically provide the lender’s name and number. The borrower’s application will then be sent to Bryan’s system. If he wants to know more about the borrower and their financial circumstance, Bryan will initially contact the agent and ask for a quick situation summary.

He will then call the borrower, thank them for their application, and ask for additional details. If the customer has no loan or mortgage experience yet, he will also initiate a 10-minute conversation about what first-time home buyers need to know about the mortgage process.

How Real Geeks Helps Bryan Generate More Business

Bryan and Guarantee Rate has been in partnership with Real Geeks since 2013. According to Bryan, Real Geeks has produced great and steady results. He and his team are able to get a good, consistent number of buyers every month. Moreover, the lead generation platform, CRM, lead cultivation services, and overall system that Real Geeks offer have been game changers.

The real estate sales and marketing solution company’s robust SEO implementations have helped make Guaranteed Rate’s digital platform gain online visibility and traction. Ultimately, Bryan considers it a no-brainer to continue Guaranteed Rate’s relationship with Real Geeks. He also highly recommends the company to other real estate businesses looking for a digital solutions partner.

Final Thoughts

Bryan Yaninek is just one of the many clients who discovered the value and edge that a Colorado Springs real estate company can gain from Real Geeks. If you also want to gain more leads and generate more traffic to your platform, visit our website and get a free demo.

Real Geeks is a highly efficient and effective lead generation and conversion solution for cultivating, capturing, and managing leads at any stage of the home buying or selling process.


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