API Nation Integration

API Nation & Real Geeks Integration


Create a Real-Time Spreadsheet of Leads!

The average real estate professional has experienced contacts scattered across multiple databases, their phone, their address book, a spreadsheet from an open house, an old email account, an online invitation service, DMs, and so on.

The saying "organized contacts are organized deals" rings true, especially when building a robust pipeline of prospective clients who are in various stages of their buying/selling cycles.

Whether you're using a system like RealGeeks or another, consolidating your contacts & lead information that you gather is critical to hacking your productivity.

How to Sync Real Geeks to Google Sheets - Create a Real-Time Spreadsheet of Leads

Check out our blog post for a more in-depth breakdown of the Real Geeks' API Nation Google and Apple contacts integrations.

Real Geeks has several integrations with API Nation

Through the new API Nation integrations, you can quickly and easily connect even more platforms to your Real Geeks Platform. This is a great way to link your tools together to gain efficiency, hack your daily productivity, and ultimately close more deals.

Here is a list of the other apps you can now easily connect to Real Geeks via the API Nation integrations:

Constant Contact
Google and Apple Contacts
KW Command
Listings to Leads
Quantum Digital
Zillow Leads
Transactions (zipForm Edition)

Published on May 18, 2022 under Integrations

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