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Lead Conversion & Follow-Up Best Practices

When running a successful real estate business, one of the most important things to have is a solid lead conversion and follow up plan.

In this video, we go over our best practices for working with new leads, existing leads, how to set up user behavior filters when using the Real Geeks CRM. We also cover how often you should call/text/email your leads, what to say, when to call them, and much more! Watch this video and follow along with our “Real Geeks Best Practices” doc, which outlines the minimum standards & practices to follow.

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In this video we also cover: 
- Templates for emails, scripts, & voicemails
- Autoresponder emails & text messages
- Clearing schedule follow-ups daily
- New lead follow-up
- Existing lead follow-up
- “Favorited property” user behavior follow-up
- “Active users” user behavior follow-up
- Mortgage partners in the Real Geeks CRM
- Who to meet with
- Minimum goals & expectations for your business

By following these best practices you’ll be able to follow-up with your leads effectively so you can generate more business!