Getting a Buyer To Take Action Now!

Getting a Buyer To Take Action Now!

Nothing is more frustrating than getting your leads down your Reel Geeks funnel only to be met with indecision.

Buyer indecision is one of the most common pain points for many realtors. Fortunately, Dirk Zeller walks us through his methods for getting buyers to take action.

Strap in and prepare to take action as Dirk shows you his tried and tested methods for turning a “maybe” into a “yes!”

Get face to face.


Create the Sense of Urgency

“[The real estate market is] better today than it will be two or three years in the future.”

Dirk concedes that buyers would have been better off investing in properties a few years ago. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that no matter how bad things seem, now is still the time to dive into the housing market. 

It may not be the best time in history to do this, but it will prove to be a wiser decision down the road. As a realtor, you should emphasize this idea as you engage with your leads. 

We've got to read people.


Point Out the Opportunities for Negotiation

“Sellers are more flexible.”

You should also point out that your buyer leads are in a better position now with developers right-sizing their offerings. These massive adjustments are a function of the opened market inventory and a less-saturated buyer pool. 

These developments lead to developers being more open to negotiations. Frame the flexibility as an opportunity for your buyer leads, and you will be nudging them towards action in no time.

Emphasize the Benefits of Ownership

“You’re either paying someone else’s mortgage or yours. Which is to your preference?”

Some of your buyer leads may be renting, and that’s fine. However, if you’re nurturing them as your leads, present the benefits of owning a property. Doing this can encourage some of your leads to take the plunge and take action on a new property — preferably one in your listings. 

Getting Face-to-face

However you wish to approach your conversion efforts, make sure you meet your leads face-to-face. You don’t need to drive half an hour away to meet any one of your buyer or seller leads. A simple Zoom or Facetime meeting will suffice.

Dirk said it best. When you get face to face: “Your conversion rates go through the roof.”

Choose Leads With the Right “DNA”


“Are you watering a dead plant?”

You don’t have to have a meeting with everyone on top of your conversion funnel. You optimize a great deal by qualifying your leads. Dirk presents his DNA formula for separating quality leads from the ones you ought to leave out. 

Based on his formula, the ideal lead wants to buy a property (desire). Also, a quality lead has a “gap” in their personal lives that a property can fill (need). Lastly, high-quality leads have the financial resources and decision-making power (ability and authority) to “pull the trigger,” so to speak. 

A lead that ticks all these boxes is worth arranging an appointment with. 

Final Step: Encourage Action With an Appointment

Once your lead has consumed enough market information, you can reach out for an appointment. However, Dirk recommends framing the meeting not as a sales appointment but as one where you’re asking for help.  

Present yourself as wanting a better idea of your lead’s wants and needs. During the conversation, you can determine which of your listings will be to the lead’s liking. Later, you can present options that will turn your lead into a buyer. 

Turn a “Maybe” Into a “Yes!”

The market may seem dismal. However, beneath the fears and uncertainty, buyers wrestle with opportunities for future gains. 

Present these opportunities to your leads, and you will convert your leads into buyers in no time.

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