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All-in-One Real Estate Solutions

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Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more.

iOS and Android Agent App

Real Geeks knows agents are busy people. This means you can't always be in front of your desktop. Be just as productive on the road with our app dedicated to streamlining your mobile workflow.

  • See and disposition leads as they come in
  • Access all the contact data in your CRM
  • Make showing notes or add new contacts on the spot
  • Available for iOS and Android
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Client Facing App

Leads can search, favorite, and save properties on mobile with ease. Deliver real-time property updates to your leads instantly with push notifications!

  • Direct integration with your MLS
  • Send push notifications on saved property searches
  • Track CPC, likes, shares, and other conversion metrics.
  • Keep your clients off the portals
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Autoresponders turned up to 11. Real Geeks' AI assistant, Robin, will instantly engage new leads. She has the ability to do discovery and set appointments.

  • Indistinguishable From a Human
  • Engage, Discover, and Schedule
  • No Sleep Needed
  • Won't Turn on Humanity
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Limitless Expansion

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Built from the ground to give agents the ability to deliver value at scale.

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All-in-One Real Estate Solutions

Value to all Real Estate Professionals

Real Geeks staff works closely with single agents, teams, and brokerages that have been producing business at a high level online for years. Their experience will be shared with all Real Geeks customers.

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Single Agent

Real Geeks is a platform in a box. You own the leads, you set your strategy, everything you need right here.



Easily coordinate with other Agents or assistants. Assign roles, divide tasks, grow.



Set lead routing rules, manage agent activity, and report on lead generation success metrics.

Real Geek Masterminds

Real Geeks' commitment to agent success does not stop at our products. Get the best strategies and hacks from the top industry professionals!

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Abe & Greg

Generating 'Come List Me' Calls

In this episode, Abe and Greg talk about how to generate 'come list me' calls. They go into depth about the obstacles of generating come-list-me calls, as well as the best practices for creating seller databases.

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Abe & Greg

April 2022 New Status Update and Urgencies for Segmenting in RealGeeks CRM

Work smarter, not harder, with these best practices for segmenting your CRM and organizing your workflows. Greg Harrelson, Lindsay Colbert, and Abe Safa discuss the new status and urgencies CRM update from Real Geeks.

Abe & Greg

How To Monetize a Lead Funnel Through Simple Nurture

Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa discuss lead funnels and how to build and monetize them through simple nurture campaigns.

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Abe & Greg

Converting From The Seller Valuation Tool

Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa discuss Real Geeks' seller valuation tool and how to use it effectively to generate Seller leads.

4 Drip Campaigns You Can Activate Today and Get Huge Response (2)
Abe & Greg

4 Drip Campaigns You Can Activate Today and Get Huge Response

Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa break down their favorite drip campaigns you can activate today using your Real Geeks workflow library, as well as a drip campaign of their own.

Abe & Greg

What Can Agents Do to Improve Their Conversion Rates?

Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa discuss conversion and what agents can do to improve their conversion rate on all types of leads and increase their ROI.

Abe & Greg

Using Video To Drive Traffic To Your Real Geeks Website

Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa discuss evergreen content ideas, the importance of building your digital footprint, and how to drive traffic to your Real Geeks website.

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Abe & Greg

Abe & Greg Mastermind: 3 Stages of the Day!

Greg Harrelson & Abe Safa discuss how to set up your day for success

Keeping It Real

Tune in to our Keeping It Real podcast for the latest strategies, best practices, industry news, and hacks from industry leaders!

Equip Your Real Estate Team for Success
Keeping It Real

The Resources to Equip Your Real Estate Team for Success w/ Sascha Chatman

Being a good leader for your team may be more complex than you think. Sascha will show you how he equips his teams with resources to be successful. Including how he tracks his team and keeps them accountable and his "Agent Utility Belt." The "Agent Utility Belt," much like Batman's utility belt, puts tools to educate his team and their clients right at their fingertips.

Keeping It Real

How to Generate Seller Leads in Low Inventory Market w/ Lisa Chinatti

The market is hot right now! In this Keeping It Real, Lisa Chinatti & Jason Posnick break down the most effective approaches to 5 different lead sources and how to create a plan that meets your needs regardless of which market you are in.

Keeping It Real

The Power of SEO and Area Pages w/ Bob McCranie

Do you want more lead traffic to your website? In this latest episode of Keeping It Real, we explore the latest SEO best practices with Bob McCranie. Bob is the Broker Associate & Team Owner at Texas Pride Realty Group - HomeSmart Stars and an expert on utilizing SEO best practices and Area pages in his strategies. Join host Frank Klesitz, CEO of Vyral Marketing, in breaking down the strategies and best practices behind a robust, high-conversion online presence in today's evolving digital landscape.

Keeping It Real

How to Start a Real Estate Investor MeetUp Group w/ Rob Chevez

Join us for this Keeping it Real with Rob Chevez, CEO of The CAZA Companies, a real estate & property management firm based in Reston, Virginia. Rob's passion for wealth-building inspired him to start a monthly real estate investment mastermind that has grown 17,000 members across 27 chapters.Join your host Frank Klesitz as he and Rob break down how to start a Real Estate Investor Meetup Group.

Keeping It Real

How to Teach a Home Seller Workshop w/ Frank Klesitz

5 Steps to Set Up and Promote a Home Seller Workshop! Sellers are bombarded with messages to sell their homes, and it's confusing for them - especially for downsizers who have lived in their homes for 15+ years. Learn how to hold a Zoom webinar to teach homeowners all their options to sell to generate seller leads. Frank will cover the outline for your workshop, along with the email message to send to your database and home value leads to drive registrations.

Keeping It Real

Top 10 Real Estate Objections Answered w/ Jeff Glover

This Keeping it Real features Jeff Glover of Jeff Glover & Associates.Jeff is on the ground every day with his team and, knows the fears of buyers & sellers, and has prepared his latest answers to the top 10 real estate objections.

Keeping It Real

How to Write a Golden Letter for Seller Lead Generation

In this episode of Keeping it Real, Frank Klesitz shows you how to write and mail the “Golden Letter” for seller lead generation. Yes, an actual USPS letter using a real stamp to put in the hands of possible sellers. If you are looking for a timeless way to generate seller leads that will consistently and predictably get people to call you who are interested in selling their home, this is it. Frank Klesitz, CEO of Vyral Marketing, will walk you through the process from start to finish.

Keeping It Real

How to Convert More Online Buyer and Seller Leads to Appointments w/ Anna Krueger

After spending two years in the internet marketing world focused on real estate I consistently heard from others that Real Geeks was the best.

Real Geek Updates & Articles

cost_per_lead_2021-pdf-2 (1)
2022 Cost Per Lead Report

Real Geeks' Real Estate Cost Per Lead Breakdown

Check out our Real Geek’s 2022 CPL Report that breaks down the real estate cost per lead in the top 10 most prominent markets, the top 10 lowest cost per lead markets, and the cost per lead breakdown of the 50 largest markets of the previous year.

API Nation Integration Webinar

Real Geeks Integration Session: API Nation

Real Geeks Integration Productivity Session: Syncing Contacts Across Platforms w/ API Nation. In this breakdown, we will be discussing the API Nation Google Contacts Integration with Real Geeks

Dirk Zeller

Got Wealth? Crafting the Plan and Process to Achieve Wealth

After spending two years in the internet marketing world focused on real estate I consistently heard from others that Real Geeks was the best.

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Real Geeks Product Updates

Property Update Emails with Photos!

One of the biggest feature requests we’ve heard from our customers for years has been including photos in the property update emails.

Real Geeks Product Updates

CRM Update: Status Bar and Urgency Messaging

We set out researching industry best practices, interviewing customers, and talking to our Coaches so that we could better understand how to improve the CRM’s default Statuses and Urgencies.