Real Geeks' Traffic Blaster

Real Geeks' Traffic Blaster is a fully automated PPC subscription that drives traffic to the client’s website, resulting in lead generation.

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What it IS:

  • Affordable marketing to drive traffic to a client website to generate leads
  • 3-month commitment (prorated month, plus 3 full payments)
  • Once the payment goes through, ads launch in 24 business hours
  • $300 per month total (plus prorated month)
  • PPC campaign through Google
  • Entry-level product, the basic starter package
  • 4 areas ONLY
Real leads by real geeks

What it does NOT come with:

  • No support provided
  • No human involvement - fully automated process
  • No reporting provided
  • No modifications to account, areas, or ads for 3 months
  • No pausing ads, no canceling
  • No lead count provided
  • No lead expectation
  • No increasing budget - $300 Subscription
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