Sam Dodd/Stratus Real Estate

I love Real Geeks! Before working with them, I was getting 10-20 leads a month. These leads weren’t very good and our conversion rate was lackluster. After switching to Real Geeks and implementing the plan they gave me for obtaining and converting leads, we are averaging 300-400 leads a month, and our conversion rate is through the roof.

Prior to Real Geeks I was selling 50-60 homes a year. This year, my team will close over 200 properties and our ROI is incredible. We use the PPC services that Real Geeks provides and we also use all the tools they provide such as the Facebook ads manager and the CRM on the backend of the website.

The backend CRM is amazing because it allows me to track my leads’ activity, search the leads based on the leads’ search parameters, make sure my buyer’s agents are actively following up with the clients, and track my buyer’s agents activity to ensure they are doing what they say they are doing. It also helps me to know what to work on with my buyer’s agents.

My advice is simple. Get a Real Geeks website, listen to the webinars, trust Jeff and his team by doing what they recommend, and get ready for your business to explode! This is an investment in your business you cannot afford not to do. No other platform provides all the tools, benefits and systems for anywhere near the cost.