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Working 4 Days a Week Selling 250 Homes

Our seventh episode in 2015 of Keeping it Real is “Working 4 Days a Week Selling 250 Homes”.

Bart Vickrey, Valparaiso, Indiana Real Estate Broker, shares how gets 11.5 times NET ROI (not gross) from internet leads. He also shares how he got 72 leads and 13 listings from one email.

He also shares many other ways he is getting a great return and producing a lot of sales.

Below is a full on-demand replay of the live Google Hangout On Air event.

Here's what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

 (4:00) How Bart got started in the real estate
(15:40) Steve Kantor's Advice on time management
(17:30) How he gets 11.5% NET ROI from online leads
(19:30) Bart’s Net and Gross Income
(22:28) Taking advantage of Google Adwords
(28:00) Utilizing a direct mail expired campaign
(30:00) Bart’s Net and Gross income from expired listings
(34:20) Utilizing your marketing when calling leads
(36:00) How Bart handles splits and commissions
(42:00) Turning your attention to your team
(44:20) Great books to read the help build out a monthly newsletter
(47:40) Prospecting versus marketing
(49:00) 72 leads & 13 listings from one email

We'd like to thank Bart for joining us on this episode and sharing his personal story of how he was able to take back control of his life and business.

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