An Inside Look at How Todd & Jason Built Their High-Producing Teams

In this episode we take "An Inside Look at How Todd & Jason Built Their High-Producing Teams" with Todd Tramonte, Ian Daniels, Jason Simard, and Jamie Wicks. 

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In this mastermind session,  the Todd Tramonte Home Selling Team and the Sims Realty Group, share the systems and processes they’re using to achieve a high ROI and convert leads at a high level to produce amazing results! 

What makes this episode so unique is that Todd and Jason both interview their ISA’s and dive deep into the tangible results of their follow-up campaigns, agent workflows, maintaining production, lead sources, PPC lead generation, and much more.

We want to thank all our guests for sharing their knowledge with us and the real estate community!  

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate through this episode:

00:00:00 Introduction 
00:00:52 More than ISA's
00:03:29 Build foundations with empathy and create real relationships 
00:08:12 Genuinely check up on your sphere of influence 
00:09:20 Core principles and adjusting your approach
00:12:15 Tweaks made during Covid that have helped to thrive and can be used moving forward 
00:21:39 You have to look at your role as a business
00:22:41 Don’t have your first automatic text go out within the first five minutes
00:27:04 Initial automatic text examples
00:31:30 What it looks like when you register on Todd’s site
00:37:48 What’s working
00:39:31 Surround yourself with good people
00:43:15 Recapping the 3 most important points
00:49:45 Track your prospects in your pipeline who are six months or less away from selling
00:56:12 How to be prepared for the next major thing
01:00:20 Don’t be overtly dependent on one source
01:06:03 Q&A
01:14:04 Tell your client success stories