How to List and Sell More Homes

In this episode, Jeff and the team dive deep into "How to List and Sell More Homes".  

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We also cover:
- How to communicate with different lead sources
- How to follow up with different lead sources
- How to overcome certain objections 
- Roleplay different scripts
- How to get more listings appointments
- And much more!

Here are some timestamps to help you navigate through the episode: 

00:00:24 Introduction to today’s Keeping It Real topic
00:02:34 Why it’s important to have a certain % of your business be listings 
00:06:18 Why agents need to start focusing more old school tactics and less lead generation
00:11:45 What are the things Greg’s team focuses on to generate 817 Listings 
00:23:15 How do we train ourselves to speak to 20-30 people a day
00:30:45 Resisting the co-mingling of tasks 
00:37:55 The top 5 sources Greg’s team uses to generating listings 
00:38:32 How to work expired listings
00:48:30 How to work FSBO
00:53:30 Q & A